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The Badminton Shop – Europe’s leader in badminton equipment 

We have badminton equipment for players at every level at The Badminton Shop. We sell brands such as Yonex, Forza, Mizuno, RSL, as well as our own brand Zerv. We have badminton rackets, badminton shoes, badminton bags, badminton strings and badminton clothing, along with many more badminton accessories for this fantastic sport.

We stock all the biggest badminton brands such as Yonex, Forza, RSL, Mizuno, Asics, Victor and ZERV!

The Badminton Shop is a European webshop with a wide selection of all things badminton for kids, junior players, elite players, and those who play for exercise. This means that you can find a large selection that includes badminton rackets, badminton shoes, badminton bags and badminton clothing here, as well as plenty of other products related to badminton. In addition, you will find a wide range of badminton accessories such as, for example, shuttlecocks, nets, grips, sweatbands and hand towels.

We focus on quality, functionality and design, which is why The Badminton Shop only sells products from the absolute leading brands, namely Yonex, Forza, Mizuno, ZERV and RSL, as well as several smaller brands, all of which are of the highest quality.

The Badminton Shop is known for its excellent service, fast delivery and competent guidance, and we always do our utmost to make sure our customers are satisfied. In addition, we make sure to have a large and varied assortment within every category.

Badminton rackets

We offer badminton rackets from Yonex, Forza, ZERV and RSL to suit all types of player. All the way from the top Yonex models used by many of the world’s best players to the more affordable badminton rackets from our own brand ZERV. If you’re on the lookout for a slightly cheaper racket, you may want to join the many other players choosing rackets from Yonex or ZERV. These badminton rackets rank just below the other brands in terms of price, but are still great quality. 

When choosing a new badminton racket, there are several factors to take into account. Which qualities does your racket need? Should it be a head-heavy, evenly-balanced or a head-light badminton racket, and should it be stiff or flexible at the shaft, and what exactly does this mean for you? You will find plenty of answers at The Badminton Shop, and we are also available to answer any further questions you might have by telephone. All of our store employees are active badminton players and can answer most questions.

See our wide selection of badminton rackets.

Badminton shoes

Badminton shoes come in many colours and styles and feature different shapes and different forms of shock absorption. At The Badminton Shop, we always have a wide selection including as many models as possible. In particular, we offer a large selection of badminton shoes from Yonex, the leading brand in badminton shoes. We also have Mizuno and Forza badminton shoes, which are also brands that provide exceptional badminton shoes with a focus on the fast-paced sport of badminton.

When choosing badminton shoes, Yonex has different types to choose from. We have narrow models, lightweight models, models with very high shock absorption and the all-round models, or ‘standard fit’ as they are also known. A common feature amongst them all is that they all are manufactured to the highest quality and feature good, sturdy heel caps as well as the best shock absorption for badminton on the market.

If you are looking for a cheaper badminton shoe, you ought to take a look at Forza and Mizuno, brands that produce excellent quality at a cheaper price. Forza are especially good at making badminton shoes for a broad range of players, and they have a competitive price policy that everyone can get on board with. Great quality at a bargain price. Mizuno is a Japanese brand now being selected by more and more people, including the world’s top players, and offers fantastic badminton shoes at affordable prices.

See our wide selection of badminton shoes.

Badminton bags

Badminton bags are relatively uncomplicated, in that they are generally available in three different models; 1-compartment, 2-compartment and 3-compartment.

The 1-compartment bags are for those who don’t need more than 1-2 badminton rackets, a pair of shoes, a T-shirt, and a hand towel with them. This bag is perfect for beginners and those not looking to make too big an investment.

The 2-compartment bags are the most commonly used, and provide room for items you need during daily training, regardless of whether you are a junior player, a veteran player, someone who plays for exercise, or you do a lot of training as an elite player. It is a great day-to-day badminton bag, but if you are developing into a tournament player, then you may almost be at the stage of moving onto one of the largest bags.

The 3-compartment bag is for the typical tournament player, who might require a lot of space or needs to fit a lot of equipment in their bag due to tournament activities. These bags can easily fit 7-8 badminton rackets as well as other daily necessities, and if you are off to a tournament or match that requires the capacity for extra items, the 3-compartment bag can also cover this need. In addition, the 3-compartment bags are manufactured with a little extra attention to detail and to an excellent quality.

There is also a badminton backpack available, which can carry up to 2 badminton rackets as well as shoes and clothing, and is perfect for those who want an easy means of transport, for example when travelling by bicycle. The perfect choice for junior players or those who play for exercise. 
We sell a variety of brands including Yonex, Forza, RSL, and our own brand ZERV.

See our wide selection of badminton bags.

Badminton clothing

The Badminton Shop has always been known for its large selection of badminton clothing and badminton T-shirts in particular, but also badminton shorts/skirts and tracksuits. We sell a wide range of brands such as Forza, RSL, Yonex and our own brand ZERV. Yonex is known for its consistent high quality, as is the case with all of their products. Yonex’ designs are unique, and the brand has started to make specialized series’ in partnership with big stars such as Lin Dan, L. C. Wei and Viktor Axelsen.

Our assortment naturally includes all of these special lines. The Danish brand Forza are known for their badminton clothing and refer to themselves as market leaders in badminton wear, and always have a huge and varied selection of club clothing to provide for a number of badminton clubs. The Badminton Shop often has Forza’s full collection in stock, including badminton T-shirts, tracksuits and shorts.

RSL is also a brand making significant progress, producing badminton clothing of fantastic quality at a bargain price. 
ZERV is our own brand, which is slowly gaining momentum with ever-growing sales, as more an more people become aware of the brand and its qualities.
So, if you’re looking for the latest and most sought-after items from Yonex, Forza, RSL and ZERV, you can find them at The Badminton Shop. With a selection as large as our, this really is one of our strong points. 

See the full selection of badminton clothing.


There are many different types of shuttlecock, and at least equally as many opinions about them. Which shuttlecock to play with is a question that divides the badminton world. At The Badminton Shop, we have chosen to stock shuttlecocks from RSL, Forza and Yonex. With this selection, we at The Badminton Shop believe that we offer something to suit every taste. RSL is one of the most popular brands when it comes to shuttlecocks, and with RSL Classic at the top of their range, we stock the shuttlecock that has been recommended many times over as both best in test and best value. We also have cheaper shuttlecocks from RSL that are available in many different types and variants.

With their AS-30, Yonex offers a very competitive shuttlecock with great playing features, which is why many players swear by it in spite of its slightly higher price. Lastly, we have Forza, who offer cheaper shuttlecocks that, for this reason, are many players’ preferred choice.
There are a variety of tricks for better feather shuttlecocks! It is important that their feathers do not get too dry, which can be remedied by giving them some moisture. A well-known trick is to place them in the fridge, which simulates the effect of the humidifiers used by many clubs.

See our full selection of shuttlecocks.

Badminton strings

At The Badminton Shop, we have a wide selection of badminton strings. By far the most used string in the badminton world is the Yonex BG-80 badminton string. It is an absolute classic and is used diligently by both elite and team players, and those who play for exercise. Yonex BG-80 is available in several different colours, so you can get the colour to best match your racket. The most commonly used colour is yellow.
If you need a more durable Yonex badminton string, then consider choosing BG-65, which is a slightly thicker badminton string. You can read more about its properties at our webshop.

At the time of writing, the latest strings from Yonex are the hybrid strings Aerobite and Aerobite Boost. A hybrid string means that you use 2 different strings to string your racket with; typically a thick string lengthwise and a somewhat thinner string across. This provides you with the perfect combination of durability and finesse in the strings, bringing together the best properties from both thick and thin strings.
If you are looking for other alternatives, an Ashaway badminton string may be the ideal choice. It is also available in different thicknesses, but the main advantage of choosing this string is the price. These strings are significantly cheaper than Yonex, and can be recommended for all players, young and old, elite players and those who play for exercise. 

These days, badminton strings are of such a quality that everyone can use them and enjoy the various brands, regardless of their playing level. But there are of course still differences. If you are looking for specific strings from Yonex, or alternatives to those we already have in stock, you can always contact us to find out if it is something that we can order in. This is something we can do with most items.

See our large selection of badminton strings.

Badminton accessories

In addition, we of course also offer all of the best badminton accessories such as badminton grips, hand towels, water bottles and much, much more.
You will find everything you need for badminton at The Badminton Shop, and as all of our staff are active badminton players themselves, we know exactly what’s new. If you’re unsure about badminton rackets, badminton shoes, or would simply like some guidance on what might be right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

See our large selection of badminton accessories. 

Happy shopping!

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