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ZERV Badminton grips

ZERV is a real best-seller! Here you can get great badminton grips for your money from The Badminton Shop's very own badminton brand. Because you de'ZERV it... 

Badminton grips

At The Badminton Shop, we have developed our very own badminton brand called ZERV. We created this brand for all the badminton players who want value for money when buying badminton equipment.

At The Badminton Shop, we are all badminton players, which means we have a lot of experience when it comes to all kinds of badminton equipment, including grips.

We have spent a great deal of time and effort producing the range of badminton grip tape you can find here. We have a variety of badminton grips in different colours and thicknesses. You can read about the different kinds we have below.

Supreme grip from ZERV

These grips are available in packs of 3, all in different colours! This is a classic super grip that anyone can use, and is ideal for both beginners and those who play for exercise as well as being a really cheap grip. It’s a badminton overgrip. 

Deluxe grip from ZERV

This badminton grip has small holes in it, meaning it has some ventilation to help get rid of sweat. Unfortunately, it is a bit underrated, but is great to play with and definitely worth a try. A perfect grip for rackets. 

Premium grip from ZERV

These are our high-end super grips. Excellent grips that can easily measure up to the best brands on the market. The durability is really good! These are also our best-selling badminton grips, which customers come back for time and time again. 

They are also the grips we have spent the longest time developing, and we’re very pleased with the result. Try the perfect grips for your ZERV badminton racket!

Towel rolls from ZERV

The towel roll is our latest addition, and we’re very pleased with it. They come in the classic sizes, which includes about 15 badminton grips. If you play with towel grips, you might want to try this brand new version. As the name suggests, towel grips absorb sweat really well. 

See our full range of badminton grips.
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