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ZERV Badminton equipment

At The Badminton Shop we have developed our very own badminton brand called ZERV.
We have made good use of all our years as badminton players and poured all this experience into our own brand.

History of ZERV - The Badminton Shop's own brand

The idea of ZERV is to create a badminton brand that makes great badminton equipment that is also affordable. Often, we see that people pay too much for equipment because they have set their sights on a specific brand.

We want to make good equipment at favourable prices, and we pick up our goods at the same factories that make many of our colleagues' equipment in the industry. 

ZERV first saw the light of day back in 2003, where it was very successful in the local area in Denmark, where we are based, and many local badminton players played with ZERV badminton equipment. The range consisted of badminton rackets and badminton clothing. The Danish Odense Badminton Club has always been a talent factory, and several of the prominent players started off playing with ZERV badminton equipment.

Badminton star Viktor Axelsen's first contract was with ZERV, which he played with for several years as a faithful Odense badminton club player, and he won, among others, the EM gold with a ZERV badminton racket. 

In 2010, it closed down again, and was left hibernating until the year 2017.

In 2017, the brand was carefully launched again with some individual badminton rackets, now under new owners named Mikkel Normann & Torben van den Brekel Kulmbak. It was well received and since then many more badminton products have been added and the range is expanded every year. 

ZERV has now developed into a larger brand, which today offers a wide range of badminton rackets, badminton bags, badminton clothes, sweatbands etc...

All at really great prices! ZERV is a real "Value for Money" brand, and if it’s good enough for Viktor Axelsen, it’s good enough for us.

ZERV badminton equipment - "Because you de'ZERV it" .....

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