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Yonex SHB 65 Z3 White Tiger

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    Here you see a super cool top shoe that Kento Momota himself plays with. It is a lightweight shoe with superb shock absorption, breathability and stability. You generally get an absolutely fantastic comfort. 

    Lightweight badminton shoe with a tight fit between foot and shoe - Kento Momota

    This shoe provides a really good fit between foot and shoe, i.a. because the heel area of ​​the insole is lifted. In addition, some different technologies and materials have been used to offer the best performance. 

    Power Cushion+ is the shock absorption used in the shoe. It's a super good shock absorber with a lot of bounce in. It absorbs the shock and turns the impact energy to get a smooth transfer to the next movement. 

    Double Russel Mesh is an ultra fine mesh that is both extremely light and durable. It is a mesh that provides eight times more air exchange than ordinary mesh fabric. 

    Power Graphite Sheet is a graphite plate which is inserted under the middle part of the sole. This graphite plate increases stability while reducing the weight of the shoe. That way you get both a light shoe, as well as a good stability. 

    Lateral Shell is a technology that reduces power loss, increases the footwork response. In addition, it creates smooth and fluid foot movements. 

    To offer a tighter fit between the shoe and the foot, the Synchro-Fit Insole technology has been used. This means that the heel area is lifted slightly. The technology keeps the power loss minimized so that you can achieve smoother movements and thus faster footwork. By holding the heel more firmly to the insole, you get improved comfort and ensure that the foot does not slip. 

    Toe Assist Shape cuts down on the pressure in the big toe, as well as offering improved support in the middle of the foot and at the heel, to provide a stable fit. This technology also allows for fast footwork. 

    Breathable badminton shoes with good support, stability and breathability 

    All in all, it is an absolutely fantastic shoe, which has a bit of everything, to provide the best comfort, as well as a quick footwork. 
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