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Yonex Shuttlecocks

If you are looking for Yonex shuttlecocks, you have come to the right place.

We sell the world-renowned Yonex Aerosensa series, which are BWF approved shuttlecocks of the highest quality. 

We also have Yonex plastic shuttlecocks, and you can find both feather and plastic shuttlecocks at the lowest prices here at The Badminton Shop. 


The story of Yonex shuttlecocks

Since 1965, Yonex has hand-sorted the best shuttlecocks in the world. Each shuttlecock is hand-picked by a team of experts who only send the best feathers through to the next stage in the process. This individual assessment means that the quality is always top notch! Then each Yonex shuttlecock is tested to measure speed, durability and flight capability. All these tests make Yonex a sponsor of many of the biggest tournaments in the world, who choose Yonex shuttlecocks as their partner. You always get the BEST quality. 

In addition, shuttlecocks from Yonex are also BWF approved, so they are selected to be used for the biggest tournaments such as Yonex All England and Yonex Japan Open, which is Yonex' homeland. 

At The Badminton Shop we naturally have the Yonex Aerosensa shuttlecocks. These are Yonex' best shuttlecocks and you are sure to get world-class shuttlecocks every time. 

Yonex plastic or feather shuttlecocks?

Yonex also makes some of the world's best plastic shuttlecocks. They are called Yonex Mavis. It's the closest you get to a normal shuttlecock. They are designed to have the same flying ability as feather shuttlecocks, giving you great quality and playability while durability is top notch.  

At The Badminton Shop you will find a wide selection of both cheap Yonex shuttlecocks and the best badminton shuttlecocks on the market. We also have different plastic shuttlecocks from Yonex and all available at the best prices. 

Check out our wide selection of shuttlecocks
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