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Yonex Badminton strings

Yonex is the king of badminton strings. They are simply unmatched, and it has been that way for a long time. They are always innovative, coming up with the latest technologies.

At The Badminton Shop you can get the ultra-popular Yonex BG-80 as well as the latest Hybrid badminton strings.


Cheap badminton strings from Yonex Japan

About 20 years ago, a badminton string named the Yonex BG-80 was born, and the badminton world hasn’t been the same since. 99 out of 100 badminton players choose the Yonex BG-80 yellow, which is the most popular badminton string the badminton world has seen. It has a perfect thickness balance, being neither so thin that it breaks easily nor so thick that it hinders playing properties.
At the same time, the surface is a little rough, so it grabs the cork on the shuttlecock, and if you have the technique for it, then you can do some really cheeky things on the net.

Then there is a wide variety of colours as well as other badminton strings from Yonex, all of which are of the highest quality.

Yonex has around 4 categories that badminton strings can be put into.

Control: Here you can choose Yonex Aerobite, which was the world's first hybrid badminton string. It has a robust fibre construction, as well as the advantage of providing a better shuttlecock grip and thus better control. The perfect string for the experienced badminton player.

Hard-Hitter: This is the string for the hard-hitters who hit the shuttlecock with plenty of power. Here you get a slightly thicker core around the string, which provides better stiffness for smashes and slices and plenty of power with good control.

Durability: Here, you should select Yonex BG-65. It is a slightly thicker badminton string, which still has good playing properties, especially in terms of durability. The perfect strings for increased control, especially for the offensive players.

High-Repulsion: Here, you should select the Yonex BG-66 or Yonex BG80. You get a better complete combination; that is, better control, but also power, as the strings have good kickback without losing their tension. For example, the Yonex BG-80 is made with Vectran, which provides high strength and high elasticity while maintaining durability and tension. Perfect for the experienced badminton player. The worldwide best-seller!

The latest offer from Yonex are hybrid badminton strings. These allow you to combine the best of both worlds, getting both great playing properties and good durability. These are also used by several of the world’s elite. For example, both Yonex Aerobite and Yonex Aerobite Boost can currently be named here. For example, the vertical strings in Aerobite Boost are made from a new material called Vectran, which is a fibre twice as powerful as nylon!

Choosing the right badminton string from Yonex is very important - actually just as important as choosing badminton rackets. Both of these will give you the advantage you need to dominate your opponent. That's why Yonex also puts a lot of effort into designing the best and coolest badminton strings.
All Yonex strings are designed and manufactured at Yonex's own factory in Japan. They have been thoroughly tested by top players from all over the world before entering the market. Their goal is to build a string that can boost your game and make you a better badminton player.

Check out the fantastic selection of Yonex badminton strings at The Badminton Shop and find your favourites. We have bargain prices and super fast delivery.

A 200-metre roll is sufficient to string about 20 rackets, so there is plenty of money to be saved by buying a whole badminton roll instead of small sets.

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