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Yonex Badminton Grip

Badminton grips from Yonex are the best-selling grips in badminton 

Of course, Yonex has many different types of badminton grip in different thicknesses and colours and you can find them all right here at The Badminton Shop. 


Yonex badminton grip

It is not without reason that we sell badminton grips from Yonex every single day of the year. Not only are Yonex badminton grips market leaders, but they are also by far some of the best badminton grips, no matter what kind of grip you prefer.

Yonex makes badminton grips in several different thicknesses and variants as well as colours, and we of course have it all at The Badminton Shop.

Here’s a brief overview of what you have to choose from.

Yonex Terry cloth grip

Most of us have seen professional badminton players playing with terrycloth grips on TV, which is a kind of towel grip, for those not familiar with it. It is available in 2-packs and in rolls with enough grips for approx 15 rackets. It comes in several colours.

There are also various grips in different thicknesses - let’s start with the thinnest:

Yonex Ultra Thin

This is the thinnest badminton grip they have, which is an over-grip that is placed on top of the grip that is already on the racket. This grip is extra thin and hardly affects the grip size. This includes finishing tape so you can fasten the grip once it is fixed onto the racket.

Yonex Super Grap

Still a thin over-grip, but slightly thicker than the Yonex Ultra Thin. Regular Yonex Super Grap is the most conventional and the one most people choose. It comes in many different colours so you can be sure that there is something to suit your particular badminton racket should you go for it. It comes in both small packs with 3 pcs, and in large ones with 30 pcs. It’s simply one of the best-selling badminton bands at The Badminton Shop and also worldwide. 

Yonex Super Grip

This grip is a little thicker. This grip is the thickest over-grip we have, moving from grap to grip. This means that the quality changes slightly, and opinions are divided here about whether this is for the better or worse. Try it out and decide for yourself.

Yonex Power grip

This is the thickest grip there is. There’s no need for over-grips here, you remove the grip originally on the racket and replace it with this one. This is also called a replacement grip. If you have a large hands and want a really thick grip, it’s a good idea to put this on top of the starter grip on the racket for extra thickness. 

We hope this provided a useful overview of the different grip variants.

At The Badminton Shop we are always ready to help out with any further questions, and you will find a huge selection of Yonex badminton grips here on this page. 

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