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Yonex Men’s Badminton Shoes

Yonex is one of the top brands in badminton!

They always make the best quality badminton shoes, and here at The Badminton Shop you’ll find the largest and best selection of Yonex badminton shoes.

Yonex is always the first when it comes to developing shoes for men. They are especially known for their Power Cushion shock absorption, which ensures optimal support every time. 


Men’s badminton shoes from Yonex

Yonex badminton shoes are of the highest quality and Yonex has been a leader in men's shoes for many years. Yonex has worked extensively on the shock absorption and fit of the shoes. All Yonex badminton shoes have gone through very tough quality requirements and it is only the best that "pass" these requirements and reach us consumers. Used by most of the leading world players, Yonex models have always been a power player in badminton!

Power Cushion

Yonex Power Cushion is a lightweight and shock absorbing material, developed fully and entirely by Yonex. The shock absorption system allows you to quickly return to your starting point after, for example, jumping up and smashing. When you land, you transform the energy it into power for faster and easier leg work. 

Power Cushion + 

This is the next stage in development of the popular Yonex Power Cushion, and with the Yonex Power Cushion + technology you get even faster leg work and will feel light and fast throughout the match.

In fact, you get as much as 28% more shock absorption and 61% more repulsion. This has been thoroughly tested against other shock absorption technologies such as EVA. And Yonex has also done the egg test, where an egg is dropped from 12 metres onto a Power Cushion + mat. The egg jumped 6 feet into the air without breaking! So you can definitely talk about good shock absorption. 

The various shoe series’

Yonex has made it easy for you as a customer and created different series’, so that you as a player can find just the right men’s badminton shoe from Yonex. 

Stability: TPU Support gives you increased stability on the outside of the shoe. This is done without compromising on flex and fit in the forefoot. In addition, Inner Bootie gives you a super fit and comfort, as you slip into your shoe like a hand in a glove. Durable Skin's lightweight outer material combines hard plastic with flexible rubber to provide you with a comfortable and secure fit for non-slip stability. So if you’re looking for a stable shoe for men from Yonex, then take a look at these models. 

All round: This is a real best seller from Yonex. The all round models fit most men's Yonex shoes. Here you will find technologies such as Lateral Shell, located on the outside of the forefoot to prevent slipping around in the inner shoe. In addition, the loss of power is reduced and so you get faster leg work and will feel light on your toes in your offensive movements. Moreover, you get comfortable design without stitching, giving you a more natural fit. 

Lightweight: This is the Yonex lightweight series in which you get a light badminton shoe and so can move quickly towards the shuttlecock. With Durable Skin Light, you get the best combination between high quality mesh and a thin PU film, which gives you a comfortable fit and reduces the total weight of the men's shoe. With Hexagrip in the sole, you get fast and stable leg work. The Hexagrip pattern gives you 3% more grip and is 20% lighter than a standard sole. 

Shock absorption: Here the focus is on shock absorption, giving you a very comfortable Yonex shoe for men. Flexion Upper provides an asymmetrical design with a curved closure, for a perfect fit. The constant pressure on the forefoot is evenly distributed and provides a comfortable fit. In addition, there is shock absorption throughout the midsole, which distributes pressure towards the heel and reduces stress against the ankle. All in all, a men's Yonex shoe with all the support you need. 

Buy your next pair of badminton shoes from Yonex at The Badminton Shop and you won't be disappointed!

You’ll find a huge selection of men's badminton shoes from Yonex at The Badminton Shop. We have both cheap Yonex badminton shoes in stock, as well as the latest new models you see on TV. We are always first with the latest products from Yonex and if there is anything you unexpectedly cannot find, then we are no more than a call or email away. So, contact our badminton experts and find the right men’s Yonex shoe for you. 

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