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Yonex Badminton bags

Yonex is the world's leading badminton brand and they are naturally also the leading brand in badminton bags.

At Yonex, you’ll find many kinds of bags in many different sizes and qualities.

Of course, you’ll find the wide selection here at The Badminton Shop at bargain prices. 


Yonex badminton bag

Most people probably think that Yonex only makes the exclusive badminton gear you might have seen on TV! But that's not actually the case. Yonex make bags in many different qualities. Yonex ranges from the finest you have seen, to some very affordable models, so there’s no excuse not to look for a Yonex badminton bag when you’ve decided to look for a new one. 

Yonex is a leader in badminton gear in general, whether you’re talking about strings, clothes, shoes or rackets. Yonex makes bags of all sizes, ranging from 1 compartment bags to 2 compartment bags and 3 compartment bags. They are all of course available in several colours and models and, naturally, we have them all at The Badminton Shop. 

What size badminton bag from Yonex should I choose?

If you are a tournament player and play tournaments several times a year, we at the Badminton Shop recommend buying a bag with three compartments. It is so annoying having to limit yourself and take out gear due to not having enough space in your bag.

If you only play the occasional match and otherwise practice a few times a week, a two-compartment bag would be fine. Two-compartment bags are best-sellers year after year, but we also one across many customers who have bought a two-compartment bag only to regret it, so buy a larger one instead. 

You can also go a long way with a one-compartment bag with a single shoulder strap. Perfectly suited for those playing for exercise or the junior player after their first model. You might also consider a Yonex badminton backpack, as they are also super practical and have space for up to 2 rackets, as well as shoes and clothing, depending on the quality and size you choose. 

There is a visible class difference between the slightly cheaper models and the high-end models that the world-class players use on the court. The quality of the slightly more expensive models is stronger, with features such as thermal compartments and shoe compartments, making everything that much more appealing. In addition, there are ergonomic shoulder straps so the bag sits perfectly on your back. 

Yonex models are used by badminton players from all over the world and at all levels, from those who play for exercise to world stars such as Lin Dan and Viktor Axelsen, who have both chosen to collaborate with Yonex.

You can’t go wrong with a Yonex badminton bag, no matter what you're looking for; Yonex has it all. You’ll find offers on bags, you’ll find the latest new models, and you’ll find all sizes and colours right here on this page. 

See our wide selection of badminton bags.
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