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Yonex badminton racket

Yonex has more than 70 years in the badminton industry and their brand philosophy is to contribute to the world with innovative technology of the highest quality. 

Yonex has its own factory in Japan and therefore always makes the finest quality badminton rackets, and they are always ahead with the latest new technologies. In addition, they sponsor many of the world's best badminton players with world-class products. 

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Yonex rackets - The world's number one

Yonex is the biggest brand in the badminton world and has been with us from the very beginning. They make rackets of the highest quality, and are always very innovative and ahead with the development of badminton rackets in terms of the latest technologies. All Yonex rackets are of the highest quality and are used by top players from all over the world. If you watch badminton on TV, you will inevitably see them play with the Japanese brand Yonex.

Yonex has been around since the time of wooden rackets, and something of a development has happened since. Different technologies have emerged in the respective series’, and there is constant evolution to allow us badminton players to hit the shuttlecock harder and more accurately, only possible with the help of badminton equipment development.

Obviously, these wooden rackets could not keep up with the fierce developments we see in this extremely fast sport. A lot is expected from your badminton gear and here Yonex rackets are always among market leaders with excellent Japanese quality, so you can be ready for the speed of the shuttlecocks being shot back and forth over the net. 

Yonex badminton racket stringing

Many Yonex badminton rackets arrive from the factory without stringing, which is why we naturally offer the opportunity to purchase professional stringing at a bargain price, as these fantastic rackets also deserve fantastic and precise stringing. The slightly cheaper models from Yonex are often available with stringing, however we also recommend a new stringing in this case, so your new Yonex racket is 100% ready from the start. 

Many also string their own badminton rackets themselves, so we sell some badminton rackets both with and without stringing.


Badminton rackets are made from graphite, of which there are many forms available, from super quality to some more unfortunate quality. The top badminton rackets from Yonex, which are those from Japan, are all made from some of the finest graphite forms available, among which is found the most exquisite, called High Modulus. That means you never lose in terms of gear with a top Yonex badminton racket. All come with a standard grip 4, unless it's clearly marked otherwise on the Yonex racket you're buying.


Isometric: The iconic frame profile, which has characterised the Yonex racket throughout the years. Here you get a bigger sweet spot, thanks to the isometric head shape. 

Tri-Voltage System: A combination of intelligent head-heavy balance, flex in the frame and aerodynamics, generate an explosive power without compromising speed or control. 

Namd: Very high quality Namd graphite in the shaft produces more flex with a faster snapback, which adds extra steepness to your powerful offensive shots. 

Nanometric DR: An advanced graphite based on unique Nanoscience technology, which gives you exceptional shuttlecock control with maximum impact. 

Sonic Flare System: A revolutionary new graphite material from Torayca with M40X and SUPER HMG gives you irresistible power and stability to return the shot with maximum acceleration.

Rotational Generator System: Using counterweight technology, the weight is placed at the bottom of the handle and the top of the frame to provide maximum control. This allows the racket to return to its starting position faster and thus the play on the court is much improved. 

Energy Boost Cap: Maximizes shaft performance. The front of this Energy Boost Cap provides the shaft with more flex, therefore Namd maximizes the opportunity for faster racket maneuvers with your Yonex racket. Provides stability and reduces the possibility of the shaft twisting, thereby offering better shuttlecock control. 

New Aero Frame: Designed for lots of speed. Built to flex with shuttlecock contact, this aeroframe technology provides instant snapback, allowing the shuttlecock to be returned faster and with more accuracy. 

Yonex feature many technologies of which this was just a small selection. This is also why they are leaders in badminton racket development, as they are always one step ahead of the others.

Yonex racket series

Astrox: With a badminton racket from the Yonex Astrox series, you get an even steeper smash that your opponent can't possibly reach. These are badminton rackets with a head-heavy weight balance, to give you the optimal conditions for your offensive strokes. 

Voltric: Powerful, high-control series, with the main focus being on the offensive game with really great control of your power. 

ArcSaber: A very, very popular series over the years, and here the focus is on unique shuttlecock control. 

Duora: Even-balance badminton rackets, with a forehand and backhand side, so you are sure to get perfect control of the shuttlecock every time. 

Nanoflare: Head-light models from Yonex with even more stability in the shaft and frame for optimal shuttlecock control and speed. 

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If you’re looking for some of the finest rackets on the market, go down the Yonex route. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what a badminton racket can do and are the leaders in the development of the latest technologies. They have badminton rackets in all price ranges, so whether you are a beginner, someone who plays for exercise or an elite player, Yonex has a badminton racket for you! So you can find a cheap Yonex badminton racket and a Yonex racket on offer, and you can of course also find the latest new models that you see on TV.
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