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Yonex Badminton Equipment

When it comes to badminton equipment, Yonex is impossible to ignore.

They are easily the leaders in the development of badminton equipment. Yonex has everything and you can find it all right here at The Badminton Shop. 

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The history of Yonex

Yonex was founded in Japan in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama. Originally, it was a factory that made remedies for the fishing industry, but due to lack of work, Minoru Yoneyama had to seek other avenues and his attention fell on the badminton sport in 1957, which was growing rapidly at that time.

Yonex has been innovative from the start and quickly grabbed the attention of the world market, and has been No. 1 ever since for badminton equipment. Later, other sports have been added, but badminton will always have a special place at Yonex.

With their superior badminton equipment, Yonex is the absolute best in badminton, and they make world-class badminton equipment because they use the finest graphite. 

Many of the world's best badminton players play with Yonex, and that is not without reason. Whether it's Yonex rackets, shoes, shuttlecocks, or clothing, Yonex is the brand that signals badminton and quality. You will also find lots of Yonex special offers right here on this page. 

Over the years, Yonex has helped improve badminton by pushing the boundaries of what can be done and nurturing the best through innovative development.

Yonex has out-performed itself several times by creating the world's lightest badminton rackets and badminton shoes. They were the first to start developing the frames, which have gone from wood to aluminum, and on to graphite. They changed the hole systems in the rackets and developed the Isometric system, which gives greater playing pleasure.

All in all, Yonex have just managed to develop faster and better than the other brands in the badminton market, and that is they’re the number 1. 

Check out our large selection of badminton brands. 
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