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Victor Badminton Rackets

If you’re looking for a badminton racket from Victor, one of the world's leading brands, then you have come to the right place. Victor sponsors a sea of world-class players, as well as various teams, including the Danish national team. Play like Danish badminton star Anders Antonsen and see the large selection at The Badminton Shop. 

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Victor racket - Play like they do on television!

Victor is one of the world's leading badminton brands and they make equipment for everything in badminton. Victor is distributed through Sports Group Denmark, which also sells brands such as Danish Forza. It gives them a great deal of know-how in the development of both the Forza and the Victor brand.

Here at The Badminton shop we of course have a large selection of Victor's rackets available at all price points. Victor sponsors a lot of world-class badminton players, both in Asia and Europe. Among these are the Danish stars Line Kjærsfeldt and Anders Antonsen, who use Victor badminton rackets, as well as all other Victor equipment. 

As mentioned, Victor is also a sponsor of the Danish national team and are also a sponsor of the Denmark Open, which takes place in Denmark during the autumn. The Badminton Shop is an official partner, and we are present throughout the week-long open selling Victor gear.

Victor and the various series

When it comes to badminton rackets, you can’t help but think of Victor. They are always ahead of the game and developing new technologies, often before anyone else. They have different series, each one with their own specific focus.

With a Victor Thruster racket you inject a lot of power into your game! It is suited to the offensive player who wants even more power and stability. The slogan is "Embrace the Power!".

Auraspeed: The racket for you who is looking for even more speed in your game. You get plenty of quick racket transmission with a Victor Auraspeed badminton racket. 

DriveX: This is the Victor badminton all-round series. You get a good mix of both power and control, but especially good precision in your strokes. 

Materials & Technologies

Victor has constantly strived for quality whether it has been in their badminton rackets, badminton shoes or something else entirely.

Today, Victor has a wide range of badminton rackets that caters to many different types of players. They have head heavy rackets, even-balance and head light rackets, so you can always find something that suits you.

Victor also has different rackets throughout the world in several different weight classes and are always up to date on the latest badminton technologies.

Since they have been involved from the start, they have also seen the development in the field. From how it started, with slightly thicker frames, to now, where one often sees slimmer and slimmer frames due the materials getting stronger, while the game gets faster and faster. 

A badminton racket from Victor uses one of the best known technology, Hard Cored Technology, inspired by a military helicopter. You get many small layers of carbon fibre put together which give you more stability and less vibration, and as a result you have a much better game. 

In addition, Innovative Techology is a technology which allows for Octablade cross-section design. This basically means combining 2 frame shapes to increase stability by up to 22% compared to other brands. 
You also get a much faster racket, which is becoming a must for many players, meaning that this technology is frequently used in Victor's top rackets. 

There are also External Rotation Waves, which give the racket a much better structure and stability. Combining 2 structures actually allows the strings in your racket to last longer. Up to 7% longer compared to other brands. 

Finally, Carbon XT needs mentioning as it is the highest quality carbon and it is used in Victor’s rackets. It is created by compressing as many carbon fibres as possible to make the rackets even stronger. 

In addition, the various series have specific technologies that characterize them, whether you are looking for power, speed or a mixture of both. 

Find your new Victor badminton racket here at The Badminton Shop!

At The Badminton Shop we have Victor on special offer, as well as cheap badminton rackets from Victor. We also have the latest new models, such as an Anders Antonsen racket, but you can always find it all here. 

See our large selection of badminton rackets.  
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