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Victor Badminton Shoes Men

Victor badminton shoes are of the highest quality and are widely used by many world class players. 

At The Badminton shop there are always several different models and designs at a range of prices points.

Find your favourites here on this page and become a better badminton player!

Victor - One of the world's largest badminton shoe brands

At tTe Badminton shop we have a large selection of Victor shoes for men. Their shoes are known especially for the sublime quality and durability with no compromises 

Victor is the world's 2nd largest badminton brand, and has been in the game for many years. Victor sponsors several national teams worldwide and if you watch badminton on television, you’ll regularly come across the name Victor. Victor is a great brand that caters to those who want high-end badminton shoes, i.e the best of the best. This applies both to their expensive models, which the top players play in, but also in the cheap Victor badminton shoes, which offer quality at a competitive price. 

Victor Men's Badminton Shoe - Fit

When it comes to fit, there are 2 different options!

V-Shape: These are the ones they make the most of. It means that the badminton shoe is slightly "pointed" in the toes, and they typically make all the top styles in this shape! This means that the shoes sit firmly on the feet, so your feet don’t slip around in the shoe when you’re being active. V-Shape shoes are commonly used by those with narrow feet.

U-Shape: These are slightly rounded at the toes. This gives them the advantage of not pinching if you have slightly wider feet and want maximum comfort. This shape may appear in the top styles, but we mostly see this shape in cheaper models. Perfect for the discerning player. 

Victor badminton shoes for men = Environmentally friendly

A little know fact is that Victor is actually very sustainable and environmentally conscious when it comes to the manufacture of their various sports products. This also applies to their badminton shoes, both the cheap badminton shoes, but also the top models.

Victor has created an internal procedure for how the shoe production should proceed, so that it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Unfortunately, they're not that good at telling the story, so now we're helping them along the way. 

Victor shock absorption

The shock absorption in the front and back of a Victor shoe is great, and they use good material for the sole. A lot of work has gone into the fit so that the shoes sit nicely on the feet. Victor has developed a special double mesh upper, which makes the shoe very breathable, especially when you get warm.

Furthermore, in line with other big brands, they have systems that ensure comfort and stability. All of their badminton shoes are non-marking, which means that the soles do not leave marks on the floor no matter their colour, which tends to be good news for badminton halls. 

Victor is the world's second-largest badminton brand and has been around for many years, which is why they have great experience in making quality products, and this can be seen especially in their badminton shoe production, where they are really advanced.

At The Badminton shop we have been selling shoes from Victor for many years, and demand is usually highest for Victor's most expensive badminton shoes, which are typically the ones you see on TV. We have it all, so whether you are a beginner, exercise player or elite player, you will find the equipment here. 

See our full range of badminton shoes.

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