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Badminton Strings

At The Badminton Shop we always have a great selection of badminton strings. We have both the popular Yonex badminton strings, as well as strings from the world's largest string company Ashaway, which are slightly more affordable.

They both come as sets and in rolls of 200 metres, with enough for about 20 rounds of stringing. Find your favourite and don't compromise when it comes to your badminton gear! Your badminton strings represent 50% of your playing properties.

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Badminton strings and badminton stringing

At The Badminton Shop you will find a large and wide selection of badminton strings from leading brands such as Yonex and Ashaway. We always have bargain prices and we ship super fast. In fact, we provide a price guarantee, so if you expect to find strings cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match it immediately!

A badminton string is one of the most important parts of your badminton racket, as depending on the quality, they determine exactly where the shuttlecock is going. For example, if you choose thin badminton strings, you will get plenty of feeling on the shuttlecock, but the durability is not the best.
On the other hand, if you choose thicker badminton strings, you get slightly poorer playing properties, but better durability.

One of the latest inventions when it comes to badminton strings is the hybrid string. Here you install the thick strings vertically and the thin strings across in order get the best of both worlds.

Yonex is world renowned for their Yonex BG-80 badminton string which is available in an array of different colours. It is used by many from the world’s top players.
Ashaway is known for being the world's largest string company and produces strings for all kinds of racket sports. They are a bit more affordable and are the ones we sell most of.

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