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Badminton Stringing

When buying a new badminton racket, we always recommend installing new strings. 50% of your playing ability depends on a well-stringed racket.

At The Badminton Shop we are experts in stringing and string more than 12000 rackets every year - so we know all there is to know about stringing rackets. If you need help, please contact us!


Badminton racket stringing

At The Badminton Shop you have the option to string your new badminton racket. We string badminton rackets according to Yonex regulations and use professional stringers to ensure that you get an optimal and professional stringing every time!

After The Badminton Shop and the Danish badminton store Ketshop merged in August 2016, The Badminton Shop has been even busier stringing rackets. This means that we have become even more aware of our customers’ demands and can therefore give you precise guidance in choosing badminton string and tension when you need to string your new badminton racket.

Stringing tension

Stringing badminton rackets is an important part of the whole experience when purchasing a new badminton racket. If you play a couple of times a week and are either a junior player, a more practiced player, or someone who plays for exercise, then it is crucial that your racket is not strung too hard. This tension could be called about 10 kg.

For the tournament player, you may want to increase tension to get more control of the shuttlecock, but it is important that you have the technique to hit the shuttlecock in the sweet spot, otherwise your new stringing will be wasted, as it will just break straight away. A tight stringing could be about 12 kg.

The big badminton stars have a lot more kg in their badminton rackets, but they also often have really good technique and can get even more control with the shuttlecock. We are talking maybe 15 kg here, but this does not make sense for the player who does not hit the shuttlecock in the center of the racket every time, as your new stringing will just break right away, as this tension can in no way withstand unclean shots. 

What does the tension of your stringing mean?

By tightening up your badminton racket strings, you get a more accurate and harder hit with the shuttlecock if you hit the shuttlecock in the sweet spot. In the case of a tighter stringing, the shuttlecock touches the badminton strings for a considerably shorter time, giving you the unique shuttlecock control.

With a softer stringing, there is more flexibility in the badminton strings, giving you a larger area to hit the shuttlecock while also having great impact as there is more of a "trampoline effect" in the strings. This means that even the unclean shots will have a reliable result. 

If you are unsure about tension and which strings to choose, then you are more than welcome to write us an email or give us a call. We have many years of experience in stringing badminton rackets and can certainly find the right badminton stringing for you. A new stringing really makes all the difference to the whole experience of your new badminton racket, yes, we would even say it affects almost half of the entire experience - so it's worth spending money on!

At The Badminton Shop we are experts in stringing badminton rackets and have many years of experience. Every year we string more than 12000 rackets with the best stringing machines available.

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