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Top quality shuttlecocks from leading brands such as RSL, Yonex, ZERV & Forza. We have the best of the best, as well as the cheapest shuttlecocks on the market and the warehouse is fully stocked, so we can ship orders with super fast delivery.

A shuttlecock is not just a shuttlecock. There is a great difference in quality, durability and especially price, and at The Badminton Shop we have chosen to offer something for every level, available at the lowest prices on the market. 

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Which shuttlecock should I choose?

If you are in need of new shuttlecocks, The Badminton Shop always has them available at great prices. Shuttlecocks are often a dividing topic in the badminton world, and something there are many opinions on. There is a fine balance between price and quality. The cheapest shuttlecocks are not always the cheapest solution in the long run, because shuttlecocks that last longer are of better quality and thereby save you money in the long run.

RSL shuttlecocks are made with real cork and goose feathers, as well as a world-class high-tech glue that makes them long lasting, and this is the reason why RSL shuttlecocks have won several independent "Best in Test" awards.

At The Badminton Shop we have both the feather shuttlecocks that most players use, but also a wide selection of plastic shuttlecocks from various brands, including our own brand ZERV.
Our best-selling shuttlecocks are the RSL shuttlecocks, they are of the high quality many badminton players have fallen in love with, especially the RSL Classic shuttlecocks, which come in a green tube.

Our best selling plastic shuttlecocks are the Yonex Mavis shuttlecocks, followed by our own shuttlecocks from ZERV, which are really good shuttlecocks at an incredibly low price.

However, we also have great shuttlecocks from Danish brand Forza and Japanese Yonex, as well as a huge selection from RSL of both cheap shuttlecocks and right up to the best-selling RSL Classic shuttlecocks. 

Shuttlecock storage

Shuttlecocks are best stored in a humidifier for 2 - 3 weeks between use, but if you have a badminton court booking, what do you do?

A classic tip is to put your shuttlecocks in the fridge, and leave them in there until you need them. The high humidity in a refrigerator is just like in a humidifier, so it is a really good alternative. The absolute worst thing you can do is put them on the windowsill so they get a lot of sun, and heat! This will cause them to break very quickly when used.

You can also get shuttlecocks with different speeds in the same model. In the summer it makes sense to play at a slightly slower speed, while in the winter it is the other way around. The higher the number, the faster the shuttlecock.

Hybrid Shuttlecock - What is it? News 2020

Finally, something exciting is happening in the world of shuttlecocks! Hybrid shuttlecocks, which are both cheaper and last 3 times as long as normal shuttlecocks. 
It is a mix of a feather and plastic shuttlecock, so you get the best of both worlds. This is going to revolutionize the shuttlecock market and we expect to see more of these Hybrid badminton shuttlecocks in the future.
They are perfect for those who do not want the most expensive shuttlecocks, but not the cheapest either. They are just in-between, and since they last for 3 times as long, there is money to be saved in the long run. It is the perfect shuttlecock for the junior player, exercise player or the discerning tournament player. 

The Badminton Shop has the best and cheapest shuttlecocks!

At The Badminton Shop we naturally have a large selection of shuttlecocks, both on special offer, cheap shuttlecocks as well as the best ones available, which often last longer and are, in fact, cheaper in the long run. Find your favourites and get them delivered quickly. We also have really great prices for large purchases, for example if you buy boxes of shuttlecocks for your club or badminton course. Check out the selection from RSL, Forza, ZERV & Yonex right here. 
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