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Badminton shoes

At The Badminton Shop, we have a huge selection of badminton shoes. We are always first with the latest models and whether you are a beginner, someone who plays for exercise, or elite player, we have a shoe for you. You will also find cheap badminton shoes for women, men and the junior player. 

A badminton shoe is one of the most important things to consider when playing badminton. They can help prevent injury and help you perform optimally. 

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Badminton shoe characteristics

Badminton is characterised by fast leg work, many changes of direction and many jumps, which places very high demands on shoes. Badminton shoes are designed to take these things into account. It’s also important to buy a model that suits you and your needs. 

Some things to consider when buying badminton shoes are what your specific needs are and what you want in your new shoes. For example, would you prefer a lightweight, soft and flat model that gives you good contact with the floor? Do you have a tendency to twist, and therefore need a model with extra support and stability? Or do you need shoes that provide more shock absorption? If you have any questions or need advice on your purchase, then you are always welcome to contact The Badminton Shop, where our badminton experts are ready to help. You can find cheap badminton shoes as well as the latest new models from leading brands such as Yonex, Forza and Mizuno, Asics, Adidas and RSL here on this page. 

The different types of badminton shoe

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of shoe. Here's a quick guide:

The lightweight/flat type: This is a classic and often light badminton shoe that gives you good contact with the floor. They often have less shock absorption in order to make them light and fast. 

The narrow type: A narrow model fits closer to the foot. Several women's models are most often narrow and many Yonex badminton shoes are also unisex models to suit junior players, men and women. 

The wide type: For those with wide feet, a wide badminton shoe is naturally the optimal choice. These provide more room for your feet so they don’t feel like they’re being squished. 

The one with plenty of shock absorption: By choosing a type with lots of shock absorption, you choose good support and comfort. These shoes are always popular as they provide a great fit and great stability. Suitable for those who have minor aches and pains and need more support.

The neutral type: Anyone can play in this shoe, regardless of level or size. They are also very popular badminton shoes as they sit well on almost all feet. A reliable choice. 

In addition, the heel cap is important as you must have incredibly good stability in your long strides. So it’s also no use to play in running shoes or soccer shoes as they are not built for the demanding badminton sport. 
Shock absorption is a keyword in badminton footwear and it is of course super important. It helps give 20% more support allowing you to spare your body especially from all the jumps and changes of direction. 
When talking about the forefoot and the stability around the ankle, you should think about the fact that your shoes are under constant pressure and so they must be incredibly stable and fit your foot well. 

Obviously, the more you play, the more expensive a model you need, as there are clearly more demands on placed on the quality of the shoe when playing so much. We also recommend two pairs if you play more than three times a week, as the shock absorption is the first thing to wear out. This cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it is an extremely important thing when playing badminton to get the bounce and shock absorption you need, otherwise you many be prone to injury and losing your footing. 

The Badminton Shop has a huge selection of badminton shoes

At The Badminton Shop, we have a large and well thought-out selection of brands from Forza, Yonex, Asics, Adidas, RSL and Mizuno. We are all active badminton players ourselves and therefore know exactly what our customers want, so we also have badminton shoes in all the different price ranges. Whether you are a beginner, playing for exercise, or an elite player, we have a quality shoe for you. You will also find both cheap badminton shoes, as well as the latest cool models from Yonex especially, who are always first movers. Of course, we have models for women, men and junior players and if unexpectedly there may be something you can’t find, please give us a call or send an email and we will help you.

We go to great lengths to have a large selection, so that no matter the brand or price level, the best and largest selection of badminton shoes is available for you.

Cheap Badminton Shoes

At The Badminton Shop we always make sure to have a large selection of different models and colours which include different price ranges. When you have such a large amount of badminton shoes on offer, there is sometimes various surplus stock that you have the chance to buy extremely cheaply, as other older models may be a little difficult to sell and are therefore sold at bargain prices or perhaps subject to extra seasonal offers. 

But one thing’s for sure; at The Badminton Shop, we can always find the right pair of great badminton shoes at a cheap price, so once you’ve found our webshop, there’s no need to look elsewhere. We have it all, and at the right prices.
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