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RSL Shuttlecocks

At The Badminton Shop you will find the popular RSL Classic, as well as all the other popular RSL shuttlecocks.

We have a huge selection and you will find them all at the best prices right here. 

If you are looking for cheap shuttlecocks, we also have this and you get it all delivered quickly. 

  • New
    RSL A9
    RRP: 25,00
     In stock
  • RSL Practice
    RRP: 25,00
     In stock
  • RSL Classic
    RRP: 50,00
     In stock
  • RSL Tourney No. 1
    RRP: 45,00
     In stock
  • RSL Tourney No. 2
    RRP: 40,00
     In stock
  • RSL Tourney No. 3
    RRP: 35,00
     In stock
  • RSL Tourney No. 4 25 tubes
     In stock
RSL is the world’s most popular shuttlecock brand and sells most shuttlecocks worldwide. They are known for their extremely high quality and the reasonable prices. Check out the huge selection at The Badminton Shop and find your favourites. 

RSL Shuttlecocks - The best shuttlecocks for your club

Cheap shuttlecocks are essential for badminton clubs, but often end up being one of the biggest expenses. But shuttlecocks are also of the utmost importance for the quality of the game and this is an important factor for RSL. This is one of the reasons why every year, they are the best-selling brand at clubs worldwide. 

With a history of more than 80 years, RSL is still the world's largest supplier of shuttlecocks. Their headquarters are in Hong Kong and they have sales offices around the globe. In 2005, RSL opened a new shuttlecock factory in China, which set new standards for the production of shuttlecocks. The process is carried out in 19 steps, from the moment the feathers are delivered to the factory, to when they are distributed out in shuttlecock tubes. Every day RSL receives 1.8 tonnes of raw goose feathers, which are then selected and sorted as only the best is good enough. The factory in China has a total capacity of 66 million. shuttlecocks (5.5 million dozen) a year - that's a lot!

What makes RSL special is that they have a tolerance of 0 for the quality of goose feathers. In other manufacturers, the tolerance is 2-6 feathers (out of 16 feathers on a feather shuttlecock) from each goose, depending on quality. The 0 tolerance applies to RSL Classic, as well as T.1 and T.2. Statistically, it requires 350 geese for a single RSL Classic feather shuttlecock! But don't worry. All 4 feathers from the goose are still used, just for the slightly cheaper models. It just shows what quality control and quality awareness that RSL is so world renowned for. 

What speed should I choose and how should they be stored?

Shuttlecocks from RSL often come in different speeds. At The Badminton Shop, we have chosen the most popular ones, which are 77 and 78 from RSL. 

77 stands for medium-slow
78 stands for medium-fast

In the summer, the slightly faster shuttlecocks are often used, whereas in winter the opposite is true. But in order for you to get the most out of your shuttlecocks, it is important that you store them properly. 

Shuttlecock Storage

Don’t store in: 
- Low temperatures
- Direct sunlight
- Boiler rooms
- Heating cabinets
- Very dry rooms
- Cold cars

Do store in:
- Hydro boxes
- The bathroom
- Humid basement or outhouse

If you follow these tips, your cheap RSL shuttlecocks will last longer and not break as fast. They may fray, but can be straightened out again and used, meaning you save money in the long run. This is why we always recommend not saving money on shuttlecocks, as you can save money in the long run by buying the best and most expensive shuttlecocks such as RSL Classic. 

Hybrid RSL shuttlecocks - NEW 2020

2020 was a revolutionary year in the world of shuttlecocks! A new hybrid shuttlecock has arrived on the market, and it is 3 times as durable as a normal shuttlecock. It is a mix of plastic and feathers which gives you the best of 2 worlds, and they’re cheaper! Not bad.

RSL Hybrid shuttlecocks are perfect for those who have court time, the junior player or the discerning exercise player. This is not a new RSL Classic, but holds up really well, and after having tested them we must say that we are quite impressed! Try for yourself and see if you can save money on your shuttlecocks without compromising on quality. 

Save up to 20% when using RSL shuttlecocks from The Badminton Shop!

In fact, RSL has calculated that you can save up to 20% on shuttlecocks by using their shuttlecocks. Firstly, it's a world-class shuttlecock, and every single shuttlecock in the tube has exactly the same playing characteristics. This is why they are a favourite for many coaches and clubs, as it is very important to achieve maximum impact on the badminton court. Secondly, as a club, you can save money by trying RSL, and you really owe that to yourself and the club. 

At The Badminton Shop we always have a great selection of badminton rackets for kids. We have both cheap shuttlecocks on special offer, as well as the very popular ones and our best-selling RSL Classic shuttlecocks. 

Check out our wide selection of shuttlecocks.

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