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RSL Badminton racket

Buy your next RSL badminton right here at The Badminton Shop.
We have Europe’s leading selection and you will always find the latest new models from RSL right here with us.
RSL is a huge brand in badminton and they are always innovative with rackets, making great rackets at some bargain prices.

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The story of RSL and their innovative rackets

RSL dates back to 1928, when the company was founded in London under the name Reinforced Shuttlecocks Ltd. It all began here with the production of badminton shuttlecocks, until after 50 years they moved to China, where they entered into a partnership with F.H. Shuttlecocks Group. Here production continued on a bigger scale.  

After focusing mostly on badminton shuttlecocks, more and more types of badminton gear were also added in 1980 - including badminton rackets. In recent years, RSL badminton rackets have become more and more popular and are especially known for their slightly alternative designs, which many feel are very exciting, meaning they are really popular with many clubs, so you see a lot of RSL badminton rackets around sports halls. 

What does RSL mean?

You might be wondering what RSL stands for. It stands for "Reinforced Shuttlecocks Limited". Just a little fun fact for those of you looking for the answer!

An RSL badminton racket for players of all levels

RSL has badminton rackets in all price ranges, be it for the junior player, those who enjoy playing for exercise or the tournament player. Here at The Badminton Shop, we work closely with RSL and help them select the right range for our market, so we can let all of Europe know how good RSL is at producing badminton rackets. You can therefore find cheap, well-designed rackets for 299,- as well as rackets for 999,- that give you great quality for your money. 

RSL has different series, but is known for always coming up with something new almost every season. They make high quality badminton rackets also used by professional players. The rackets are just under the more expensive models from Yonex and therefore cater widely to many different types of player who want great badminton rackets at bargain prices. They have both flexible, medium flexible and rigid badminton rackets, so whatever your level, you'll find a huge selection from RSL right here. 

Master Speed: A highly powerful series, packed with the best technologies needed to develop a top racket. 

Nova: This series is very wide-ranging and caters to many types of player, as there are lightweight, heavier and neutral rackets. 

Diamond X: Super cool series (and name) which is RSL's best-known and most popular series. Again, you can choose from a variety of different models depending on the type of player you are. There is something for every taste. 


Antitwist: RSL's AntiTwist technology makes for a stronger frame profile which gives you more stability and better control of your strokes. 

Wrinkle Free: Gives your RSL badminton rackets up to 20% better flexibility, giving you more power without compromising on quality. 

Power Hexagon: 6-sided frame profile, which gives you the strongest and most stable material. Also reduces air resistance and gives less torsion. 

Poly Matrix Carbon: An incredibly strong carbon material that gives your new racket extra stability, allowing you to take all the power and control on the court and dominate your opponent. 

When you take an RSL badminton racket into your hand, you can feel how well it sits straight away. Many of us from The Badminton Shop play with RSL badminton rackets and have done so for many years. With RSL, you’re guaranteed quality for your money, and they are also great at offering really good deals. 

Check out our webshop for our large selection of RSL badminton rackets, you might end up finding your new favourite! 

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