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Badminton racket

We have a huge selection of badminton rackets at The Badminton Shop.

We carry all the major brands such as Yonex, Forza, RSL, Victor as well as our own brand ZERV. 

We are always first with the latest models and you can find them right here at best prices on the market. Whether you are a beginner, playing for exercise, or an elite player, we have a badminton racket for you.

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Badminton rackets - Best in test

At The Badminton Shop we are experts on rackets, so we test all of our models before they go on sale at our webshop and store. We are all active badminton players ourselves, so we make sure to test the different rackets from Yonex, Forza, RSL, Victor and our own brand ZERV. We then select those that win our own badminton racket ‘best in test’. 

We have noted on several of our models those which are the ‘best in test’ in their respective category, so it is easy for you as a customer to navigate the range. You can therefore be sure that everything you buy at The Badminton Shop is quality at the best prices. 

Which badminton racket should I choose?

When you buy a racket, it is important that you get a model that is right for you. Depending on whether you are a beginner, a little more practiced, someone who plays for exercise, or a tournament player. It is also important how much and how you play, as these factors come into play when choosing new badminton rackets.

You are therefore always welcome to contact The Badminton Shop in order to receive competent advice on the purchase of your new badminton racket, as all employees of The Badminton Shop are themselves active badminton players 

Some of the factors that you need to be aware of when buying a racket are the stiffness of the shaft and the balance of weight in the racket. 

Shaft stiffness - Flexibility

Relative to the shaft, there are different types of stiffness:

- Flexible
- Medium
- Stiff
- Extra stiff

The basic rule is that the more practiced you are and the faster the your swing, the stiffer the shaft you need. This means that a racket that is stiff / extra stiff in the shaft is primarily for elite players and experienced players who can generate a lot of power in the strokes themselves. If they are the medium in the shaft, they are suitable for the trained or slightly trained player, who could be junior players, senior players, as well as those playing for exercise. If a model is flexible, they are, as a starting point, suitable for players who have a slow or short swing and who need more length in their game, or for players who do not generate as much power in their strokes, and who therefore have need a racket to help give their shots power. This is often the case with beginners or those who enjoy playing for exercise. 

See more info HERE.

Weight balance

Another factor to be aware of when buying new badminton rackets is the weight balance in the racket. The basic rule is that the more head-heavy a racket is, the more power you get in your shots, and the more head-light, the faster the racket maneuverability. In addition, there is a neutral balance, which is a mixture of the two.

There are 3 types of weight balance: 

- Head-light
- Neutral
- Head-heavy

With a head-light racket you get lots of speed in your game, which is the main point of focus. This is especially for the defensive and flat game, allowing you to quickly return the shuttlecock to your opponent with great control. Here you have to exert a little more power, as the racket does not generate as much of this. A popular choice among many. Especially junior players, who find it sits nicely in the hand. 

If using a head-heavy badminton racket instead, you get plenty of power in your offensive game. Here the focus is on extra power in terms of both smash and clear, and it is always a reliable choice among both beginners and experienced players. 

If you choose a neutral model you get a great mix of both power and control and these rackets are also very wide-ranging. A neutral racket may especially suit itself to the patient badminton player who would like to wait and play counter to the opponent's poor shot. But they have broad appeal, as they provide the best of both worlds. 

It is important to mention that one does not exclude the other. You can easily hit a powerful shot with a head-light model, however it’s not just power that these rackets provide, but something else entirely. We’re also seeing a trend towards more and more lightweight models, with a total weight of less than 80 grams. These are often head-heavy to maintain the stability of the racket and provide you with a great mix of both power and control.
The typical weight of a badminton racket is about 83-88 grams. 

Grip size

In tennis, the grip size you choose is very important, and here you can buy numerous different types of grip depending on how old you are. We don't really have the same in badminton, however... All Yonex models come in grip 4, which is the standard size. Sometimes other grip sizes are available, but in this case it is clearly shown that the racket is different. This is also stated in the description for each racket.

Yonex also comes with a grip attached by Yonex manufacturers, which some of course use, but many people choose to remove it and replace it with super grip or terry cloth to give them the exact thickness and shape they’re looking for.
Badminton is a precision sport, so it’s important that your touch is refined right down to the smallest detail.

The Badminton Shop has it all

At The Badminton Shop we sell all kinds of models and brands. We all have price points, so there’s always a badminton racket to suit your level and style of play. We have offers, cheap models, as well as the most exclusive and latest models that have just come on the market. At The Badminton Shop, we are known for being first off the mark with the latest products, something we are very proud of!

We also have badminton rackets for kids. We have divided the children’s rackets into different age groups, making it easy to see exactly what model your child needs. For little ones, the racket shouldn’t be too long, so we of course have all the right lengths available at The Badminton Shop. 

The different brands available also target different segments, so it is important to know what you are looking for in your badminton gear.

Yonex racket

If you want the best the industry has to offer, Yonex would be an obvious racket choice. They are first off the mark with the latest developments every time. They were the first to invent a new string system, as well as those who thought strings should be slightly longer than they were in the old days. Yonex also uses some of the finest graphite for the production of their rackets, so overall a reliable choice, but also the most expensive. They do also have cheap models - but this is not where they are strongest. 

Forza racket

Forza offers badminton rackets at a reasonable price and have models for all levels. All the way from beginners to professional badminton players. They are also aware that this shouldn’t have to cost too much, and have rackets just below the Yonex top-range rackets and further down from there, all the way down to the lower double digits price-wise but still containing full graphite. Forza is a Danish badminton brand and has been on the market for many years, but it is still new compared to Yonex, which has been on the market for more than 50 years. If you want a great racket at a reasonable price, then you should choose the Danish brand Forza.

RSL racket

If you’re considering RSL instead, this has become an obvious choice among many in recent years. While being known especially for their shuttlecocks, RSL are strongly represented throughout the country and so many look to them for rackets too. They are in a similar price range to Forza and are really nice rackets, which go a slightly different route in terms of gaming features and design. They also have cheap models and here with us you will find a huge selection of RSL products.

ZERV racket

Finally, we have our own brand ZERV, which we designed, tested and developed ourselves in close collaboration with our factory in China. With a ZERV badminton racket, you really get value for money. The top rackets are just below RSL and Forza, with a bargain 2 and 3 pcs. price. Many people ask what 2 pcs. or maybe 3 pcs. cost, since you often have to have more than one racket in your badminton bag in case one breaks. So here with our own brand ZERV, we’re offering some very attractive prices WITHOUT compromising on quality. We also have cheap ZERV rackets, as well as rackets in the mid-range segment, so yes, we really have do it all!

Victor racket

Victor is one of the world's biggest badminton brands, so you can of course also buy it at The Badminton Shop. This is a brand from Taiwan that make excellent quality rackets every time. 
Victor sponsors a multitude of international players as well as national teams, so they have real know-how in developing badminton rackets, and this can also be seen in our carefully selected range that we have chosen to bring home. Find your favourite amongst all of the great models. 

Adidas racket

If you are looking for a great sports brand, the conversation often turns to Adidas. It’s German quality and has been around in the sports world for many, many years. They have now also entered the world of badminton with a full selection, which is an offer we, as Europe’s leading badminton shop, couldn’t pass up on! You can find all of their various collections, and since they have rackets in all price ranges, it’s simply a case of finding your favourite. 

Technologies and price

Quality and price are often related, and although you may not immediately see the difference between an expensive and a cheap badminton racket, there is in fact a big difference. This relates particularly to the racket’s technological features, as well as the material it’s made from and therefore how wear-resistant and durable it is with regards to both unclean strokes and knocks from other rackets or the badminton floor.

Most models are made of graphite material, of which there are over 250 different kinds, so there are lots of different qualities out there. Many people mistakenly believe that the more expensive model you choose, the more durable it is, but this is not correct. Better graphite is not more durable, it just provides better playing features.

It is the long graphite strands that are the exclusive type and the short ones that are cheaper, so if your luck is out and you crack a racket, you will likely see the quality depending on whether it breaks in half or longer strands are pulled apart.

The finest Graphite is called High Modulus and it is mixed with the normal graphite, providing the perfect blend for top rackets. Only the top models from the different brands use it, as it is really expensive to produce.

Badminton stringing

One important thing to also mention is badminton stringing, as many new rackets come with factory stringing. This stringing is not particularly good, and if you buy an expensive model then we would always recommend putting in a professional stringing at our bargain price, as it can determine almost half of the game's playing features. Yonex top models, for example, come without strings, as many people know what kind of set-up they want. If you have any doubts, we are available either by phone or email. 

Badminton rackets – A huge selection!

At The Badminton Shop, we always make sure to select a carefully considered range that suits all our customers, who include beginners, junior players, discerning exercisers, and elite players. We have it all, and always make sure to stay up on the latest trends, and of course you get it all at bargain prices. We always have great badminton racket deals and we are ready to help if you need it. We are all badminton experts and can therefore provide advice and guidance both via email and telephone. 

In fact, we are also almost always the cheapest throughout the whole of Europe. We only sell original products, so you can be sure you won’t get a copy racket, which are unfortunately still found on the Danish market.

Happy shopping.

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