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RSL Nova Badminton Racket

In this series from RSL you get the best materials available, which is why the price is understandable. It's top quality and the design is great.

If you need help, contact our badminton experts. 
  • RSL Nova 03
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  • RSL Nova 05
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  • RSL Nova 07
     In stock
  • RSL Nova 8118
    RRP: 160,00
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  • New
    RSL Nova 8138
    RRP: 160,00
     In stock
  • RSL Nova 09
     In stock

RSL Nova - Suitable for a wide range of badminton players

The RSL Nova series is a badminton racket series that suits many different players due to the very versatile weight distribution on the different models. 

There is an RSL Nova for every taste, that is, the Nova series is not "just" head heavy or head light, but there are different rackets for different players. 

At The Badminton Shop we have of course a wide selection of cheap RSL Nova rackets, and you get the best prices right here. Read the detailed descriptions of each product and find your favourite, and if you need help, we are no more than a call or email away.

The smart technologies

RSL Nova badminton rackets are characterised by certain technologies, which you can read more about here.

Poly Matrix Carbon: This is a technology that connects multiple layers of Structural Carbon and High Modulus Carbon. By doing this, you get a 19% stronger frame so that an RSL Nova racket can tolerate even harder strings. This results in an even better transfer of the power from arm to racket while also giving you more control. 

Anti Twist Technology: With Anti-Twist in the shaft,you get extra durability and more power in your strokes without having to hit harder yourself. The racket does the work for you!

Super Strong High Tension Frame: Super High Modulus Multi - Layered Graphite has been transferred into the shaft, allowing for tougher extensions without breaking the racket. 

Super Thin Shaft: With this unique graphite form, the shaft/middle of the racket is made even thinner. This allows faster racket control, as the total weight is reduced while making the shaft more flexible. 

All these technologies give the racket a stronger frame and make the quality better, without the price being too high. See the wide selection of rackets on offer from the Nova series right here at The Badminton Shop. 

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