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Men’s Badminton Shorts

At you will find an array of different men's badminton shorts. 

We have the leading brands such as Yonex, Forza, Victor, RSL and ZERV where we have both offers and the most popular badminton shorts of the finest quality. 

Find your favourites on this page and get super fast delivery!

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Badminton shorts for boys & men

The Badminton Shop has many different badminton shorts from various brands such as Yonex, Forza, RSL, Victor, Adidas and ZERV, which is The Badminton Shop's own brand. Some include undershorts while others don’t, but what they all have in common is great quality. At, we always strive to offer quality products when it comes to badminton gear. Naturally, this also applies to badminton shorts. 

With their exclusive Japan collection, market leader Yonex has created some truly great badminton wear with unparalleled style. So if you want the most high-end men’s badminton shorts available, Yonex is the brand to go for. These are the same shorts you’re likely to see famous players on TV wearing!

Victor also has an exclusive line of super stylish apparel at great prices. 

However, if you’re looking for some slightly cheaper badminton shorts, and perhaps in a colour other than black, try taking a look at some of the other badminton shorts from RSL and Forza, but in particular ZERV, which gives you a little more value for money.

Men's badminton shorts come in several different fabrics and with slightly different cuts. There are both short models as well as some that are slightly longer, which is something that varies year after year depending on which kind of badminton shorts are "in".

Ultimately, it all depends on what you think a pair of badminton shorts should cost and which brand you prefer.

The choice is yours!

See our wide selection of badminton wear.
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