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Karakal Badminton Equipment

At The Badminton Shop we have some excellent badminton grips from Karakal.

It is Belgian quality and highly recognized brand in all types of racket sports. 

Find either terry cloth or PU grips here at The Badminton Shop - there are lots of colours to choose from!


The history of Karakal badminton

Karakal makes some really nice badminton grips for your rackets. Try them here at The Badminton Shop. 

Karakal was founded in Belgium in 1978 by Roger Vercrambre, who sadly passed in 2015. It was part of SPGS properties in Dendermonde, Belgium. 

The Karakal brand itself was used on shoes, rackets and clothing and in 1981 Karakal started selling outside the country with Karakal UK as their first distributor. The rights were purchased as early as 1985, when sales went really well and a new company was founded by the name Karakal Worldwide Ltd. and the rights to sale in the rest of the world were also purchased. 

Until the year 2002, the Karakal logo was a sphynx. The Turkish translation of Karakal meant "The Black Ear" and as the word Karakal has 3 A's, the decision was made to use "The Black Ear" as well as exaggerating the 3 A's in Karakal with a corresponding dot underneath each to symbolize shuttlecocks. The new logo and name immediately resonated with consumers and became a recognized logo associated with quality and the value for money, just like the old Karakal sphynx logo was. 

Today, Karakal have distributors in over 40 countries and specialize in racket sports equipment and great badminton equipment. 

At The Badminton Shop we have both badminton terry grips and badminton PU super grips, which you can put on your badminton rackets. These are high-quality grips, which are widely recognized both in badminton, but also in the squash world.

Find your favourite and choose from a variety of different colours to suite your new racket, and have it all delivered quickly. 

Check out our large selection of badminton brands. 
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