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Junior badminton rackets

At The Badminton Shop we always have a great selection of badminton rackets for kids.

We have all the available sizes, whether you’re a newcomer and need a Miniton kids’ racket or if you want a full graphite junior racket, we have it all.


Badminton rackets for kids

When you as a parents are looking for a new junior racket for your child, it is important to look at what length racket your child needs. We have the following rule of thumb:

0-3 years = baby racket
3-6 years = MiniTon racket
6-9 years = kids racket
10 years + = adult racket

Height of junior players / Length of rackets:

95-115 cm = approx. 41-44 cm
105-120 cm = approx. 52-55 cm
110-125 cm = approx. 57-60 cm
120-135 cm = approx. 60-62 cm
130-140 cm = about 65-67.5 cm

A normal adult racket is 68 cm long, so if you are over 10 years old then you are most likely up to "adult" racket sizes, but it all depends on the height. It is the height that determines which model to choose. If it’s too big, your child will not be able to get enough speed in the racket so it will not be as fun to play. They may also end up holding the racket a little too far up on the shaft which is not correct. If, on the other hand, it is too short, they will shoot "holes" in the air and will have difficulty getting a decent game going. 

If in doubt, get in touch with our badminton experts or take a look at what's in the description of the badminton racket. 

It is important to choose the right racket!

It is important to choose the right kids badminton racket, because children are not as fully in control of their motor skills as adults are. That’s why these junior badminton rackets are not that expensive, as children may not be thinking about how expensive / cheap a badminton racket is and may well smash it on the floor or not look after it properly.

Therefore, the various manufacturers have also thought about keeping production costs down and, for example, have made a racket with a mixture of graphite and aluminum, which is slightly more durable and robust in the material. In addition, a junior badminton racket is also shorter than a regular adult badminton racket, making it much easier for young children to play with. 

As a rule of thumb, it’s said that a junior player should be able to stand with their arms stretched out with the racket down one side, not touching the floor. If it does, then it's too big. It should preferably be just a few cm above the floor, so it fits. This also allows you to notice when it’s time to take the next step and select a longer model so that a player to progress in their development. 

All kids rackets are made with a flexible shaft so they are easy to play with, providing many hours of fun. It would make no sense to choose a shaft that is rigid, as they will then be working with a smaller sweet spot and it’ll be impossible for the little ones to control. With the flexible shaft, your child will get more of a catapulting effect in the racket, making it easier to return the shuttlecock back over the net to the opponent. 

However, full graphite rackets are also made for children, which is the best for kid’s rackets, but since you are moving to an "adult" badminton racket relatively quickly, it is only from this point that even more expensive graphite is used. 

Find the right size kid's racket at The Badminton Shop

So to sum up, it is important to buy a kids racket that is shorter than the normal badminton rackets, but which also has a flexible shaft so that the shuttlecock is easy to shoot back to the opponent. 

Of course you can find all this right here at The Badminton Shop where we always make sure to have a large selection and we always have the latest new models in stock. We feature brands such as Yonex, Forza, RSL and our own brand ZERV.

Within our own brand ZERV we offer the best prices for those who want to start playing badminton. From the cheapest baby rackets, to a top-quality racket for kids. You'll find it all right here on this page! 

See our large selection of badminton rackets
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