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Forza Badminton Grip

Forza is a Danish brand, and at The Badminton Shop we always have a selection of different badminton grips from Forza.

There are a lot of different variants and thicknesses with everything from thick to thin grip, as well as the popular terry cloth grip. Find your favourites from Forza right here at The Badminton Shop. 


Forza badminton grip

Forza is a Danish brand that has really grown in recent years, branching out from Denmark to become represented in many countries throughout Europe. Forza makes many different kinds of badminton grip and they have a clear pricing policy on all their products which also applies to grip. 

Forza wants to be a "Value for money" brand, which means that they are priced just below market leader Yonex. That means you can buy slightly cheaper products in comparison to Yonex, but the quality is still top notch. 

The quality of their badminton grips is good overall, and we will run through the various kinds of grip you can buy here at The Badminton Shop below.

Forza Terry Cloth

All brands have either a terry cloth roll or 2-pack terry cloth grip, available in different colours. Terry cloth is widely used by the top badminton players in the world, and Forza terry cloth rolls especially are very popular due to their great, thick quality, and there are many who like it. In addition, it is also very affordable. 

Forza Super Grip

Forza also naturally makes thin badminton grips that can be placed over an existing grip. Be aware, however, that this is Super Grip and not Super Grap. The "i" and the "a" denote a slight difference. So what does this mean?

Yonex make their grips from a material called Grap, which is the best material, while Forza uses a material called Grip, which is slightly cheaper and therefore does not have the same feeling to hold onto, which also explains the price difference between the two brands. In addition, the grip is also slightly thicker, but not by much. 

Forza Super grip is available in both small and large packs, and of course in different colours to suit your racket.

Forza Soft Grip

This is Forza's replacement grip, meaning you take the entire old grip off of your racket and put on a new, thick Forza Soft Grip - and you’re right back to the wonderful badminton band you had at the start. It is super popular and suits many players really well, as it provides a slightly softer feel. 

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