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Forza Women’s Badminton Shoes

With a Forza badminton shoe for women, you are sure to get the best quality at a bargain price.

At The Badminton Shop, you will find a wide selection of Forza women’s shoes, and we always have the latest, best and cheapest models in stock. 


Forza women’s badminton shoes

When looking for new women’s badminton shoes, you should take a look at Danish brand Forza. This is Danish quality at a bargain price. Their price level is just below the other brands and therefore there are many who look to Forza, as they know the Danish brand and know what it stands for.

Forza has 3 basic principles in relation to their badminton shoes for girls.

They have to:
- Prevent injuries
- Enable better performance
- Be comfortable 

With these 3 principles, Forza has a wide appeal with their women’s shoes, which is what they are known for. In addition, their shoes feature some high-tech materials which you can read about below.

Materials in Forza shoes for women

With Lat you get better stability in your Forza women’s badminton shoes. Whether it's the cheaper badminton shoes or their top models, they include this technology. It improves the durability of the shoe and provides stability across the forefoot, which is really important with all the directional changes we see in the badminton sport.

Dura-Coat is a high-tech microfibre PU that provides extreme durability, especially in the most exposed areas of the badminton shoe. This is largely due to Drylex, which helps keep your feet dry and comfortable, as the special mesh layer provides fantastic breathability. 

The X-Tech and Ase technologies give you more stability and a stronger badminton shoe. X-Tech counteracts twisting at the ankle with its added stability, however Ase is inserted as a lightweight TPU section under the arch to provide lightness and stability, thereby increasing functionality.

When it comes to shock absorption, Forza has made their very own material that works extremely well. It is called FZorb and is installed in all Forza women's badminton shoes around the heel area in order to provide extra support that is very much needed in this demanding sport. 
With FZorb + you also have extra shock absorption in the forefoot, and should things get totally crazy, then there is also FZorb ++, which is the most shock absorbing sole from Danish brand Forza. 

At The Badminton Shop you will find a large selection of women's shoes from Forza. You can find cheaper women’s badminton shoes, as well as the latest new top models, and all of course at bargain prices. 
So whether you are a beginner, junior player or tournament player, you will find a great selection from Forza right here. 

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