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Forza Badminton rackets

At The Badminton Shop you will find a huge selection of badminton rackets from the Danish brand Forza.
We always have the latest models in stock and you will find them right here at the lowest prices on the market. 

Forza is a huge Danish badminton brand and they are always first with the latest technologies. Find new products and great deals right here. 

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Forza racket

Forza badminton rackets have existed on the market for many years now. They are known for great quality at cheap prices, where you can really get a lot of badminton rackets for your money. 

Forza is a Danish brand that has been producing badminton equipment for the Danish, European and Asian markets since 1990. The quality is top notch and you are sure to get a fantastic badminton racket every time. 

Forza has several different racket series’, each of which has its own focal point. 

Forza Power

The Forza Power series is for the offensive badminton player who wants extra power in all their shots. Here you can find rackets at different price points, and who doesn't want more power? Most do. This is one of Forza's most popular series and has been running for many years with great success. 

Forza Precision

The Forza Precision series is designed for players who want to achieve precision and control in every stroke. This is for the player who likes to dominate the fight with control and precision and make every stroke a nightmare for their opponent. 

Forza Light

The Forza Light range suits the player who wants plenty of speed and velocity in their game. These are lightweight, thin and fast badminton rackets to suit both the fast doubles player or the upcoming singles player. 

Forza Power Trainer

These are Forza’s Power Trainers, which you can use in your daily training session to increase your power. They are not intended to be played with, but are ideal for power training, for example where you take 10 smashes with a Power Trainer, followed by 10 smashes with your normal Forza racket. 

Forza Classic

The Forza Classic series is for the novice or hobby player who just wants a great badminton racket at a great price. They are extra durable and easy to play with. 

Each of these series’ has their own distinctive frame, weight and balance structure, and therefore within Forza badminton rackets, you can choose exactly which model suits your specific needs. Here at The Badminton Shop, we have a huge selection available at the best prices on the market. If you are unsure about choosing a new racket from Forza, contact our badminton experts and they will provide you with the right guidance. 

Danish Forza makes badminton rackets for all levels and all types of badminton players. Forza is a Danish brand, and a leading brand in Denmark. Some of the world’s best players choose to play with a Forza badminton racket, so they must be doing something right.

When choosing which racket you want from Forza, there are several things to keep in mind. First, it is essential to look at the shaft itself. If you have a good technique, it may benefit you to choose a stiff badminton racket, and if your technique is a little poorer, it’s a good idea to go for a more flexible racket. Flexible models are often suited to beginners or those playing for exercise, while the stiffer rackets are suited to the tournament player or those who want lots of control of the shuttlecock.

Another important thing is the frame itself that Forza has spent a lot of time developing. The structure is crucial for the power transfer to the shuttlecock from the rotation of the forearm. Less torsion provides more control while more torsion provides more power. For example, if you use a head-heavy Forza racket, then it is a bit slower to move, but gives you extra power, whereas a more head-light badminton racket provides more speed and control in your game. 

Forzas technologies and materials

All Forza badminton rackets have some powerful technologies built into the frames. Forza is known for being at the forefront of this development and emerges year after year with new cutting-edge technologies. 

Kevlar: Kevlar is a very advanced material that combines strength with a light weight. It is incredibly elastic and 5 times stronger than steel. This is also the reason why the material is used for numerous different things, including bulletproof vests. Forza combine Kevlar and graphite to create super lightweight and extremely strong rackets with lots of power. In addition, Kevlar also provides more shock absorption. 

Titanium: This Titanium material is very light and rigid and is used, among other things, to build spaceships. The combination of graphite and titanium increases the durability of the racket and provides increased control. 

Carbon Nano Tubes: Also known as carbon nanotubes, this is the equivalent of about 1/50000 of human hair and is so strong that it can be stretched up to 14 percent of its normal length without breaking. For this reason, it is optimal to use in badminton rackets to achieve the best quality. 

Power-Frame: Innovative Power frame, which is slightly wider at the top of the frame. It provides an aerodynamic frame that provides plenty of speed in your game, as well as less torsion and extra power in your strokes. 

Hexagon: Forza has a Hexagon frame that is narrower and more powerful than usual. This gives less air resistance and therefore faster play and better power control.

Check out the huge selection at The Badminton Shop and find your next Forza badminton racket!

We have a huge selection, and there is something for everyone at incredible bargain prices. Whether you are looking for a cheap badminton racket from Forza or the latest new model with extra power and control, you will find it right here. We are always first with the latest products and always provide you with fast delivery. Find the best deals on a cheap Forza badminton racket here!

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