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Forza Badminton Equipment

Forza is a Danish brand that is well recognized in the badminton world.

You get Danish quality as well as a lot of badminton equipment for your money. 

Forza makes all kinds of badminton related equipment including rackets, shoes, clothes, bags and accessories. 


The history of Forza

Forza was founded by former top player Mark Kristiansen in 1990. The Danish brand quickly became a success with badminton equipment in the form of rackets, shoes, clothing and shuttlecocks. It’s therefore no surprise that Forza was the preferred brand among Danish clubs in 1993, and the largest Danish sports brand by 1995. The Forza brand was founded as a response to the dominance of Asian brands. This is also why Forza's success became the foundation for other brands in Denmark, as the market was open to them. 

Since 1995, Forza has continued to develop and is today among the biggest brands in badminton, especially in Europe, but have also moved towards Asia, which is a huge badminton market.

Forza was owned by Active Sportswear for many years, which also sold children's clothing from Kilmarnock as well as the big French tennis brand Babolat. They went bankrupt in 2019, at which point the Sports Group Denmark acquired both Forza and Babolat. Funnily enough, Sports Group Denmark is owned by Forza’s founder Mark Kristiansen, so has now been reunited with Forza, which we’re very happy about at The Badminton Shop. 

Forza is actually a relatively new brand compared to the more well-established brands like Yonex, for example. Yonex has been on the market since 1946, while Forza was founded in 1990. Forza is created by badminton players, for badminton players and their pricing is very attractive, as they go a long way in creating good quality at a competitive price. This is also why Forza has become so popular and still is to this day. 

When Forza develops new badminton equipment, they always involve the best elite players in Denmark who help develop and refine their products through numerous tests. As it is a Danish brand developed in Denmark, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality and that it is extremely durable and strong. 

Although the development takes place in Denmark, they do of course collect some inspiration from abroad, especially in relation to clothing and technologies. But here in Europe and Denmark we tend to prefer more minimal design and clothing that is simple and stylishly designed. That's why Forza is also popular for club apparel, where together with their top badminton shuttlecocks, Forza VIP have collaborated with a lot of clubs across the country, as well as in Europe. 

Over the years, Forza has had plenty of talented players attached to their brand. Among them, their former CEO Martin Lundgaard, who, for example, won the world's most prestigious All England tournament fully geared with Forza equipment. They also have several European medals, both adult and youth, which is why Forza is still a very attractive brand for many badminton players and why you will also find a huge selection in The Badminton Shop at very attractive prices. 

Forza & The Badminton Shop

At The Badminton shop we have a huge selection of badminton equipment from the Danish brand Forza.

We always make sure that we have the latest goods in stock and have a close cooperation with Danish Forza, so we are always up to date with the latest news before everyone else. This is especially true for Forza badminton clothing, but also badminton rackets, badminton shoes and badminton bags from, where we carry their entire range. So whether you are a beginner, exercise player, junior player or elite player, the Forza brand has something for you. 

Check out our large selection of badminton brands. 

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