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Yonex Duora Badminton Racket

With a Yonex Duora badminton racket you get the best technologies from 2 frames put together, giving you a front and back hand side.

It is an even-balanced badminton racket series that fits many different game types. 


Yonex Duora racket

With a Yonex Duora badminton racket you can dominate the whole match. When you get a Yonex racket, you get the power of 2 frames in 1, in a modern and stylish design. 

With the Dual Optimum System technology you get 2 different functions in 1 frame, so the best of 2 worlds in 1. All in the same frame profile. This gives you a range of strengths and an all round feeling of power, speed and control. Anything surplus is left out! 

To give your strokes optimal speed, Yonex Duora rackets are constructed with Nanometric DR, a lightweight material that is as stiff as other materials but weighs 60% less. This results in an even faster turn, more shuttlecock control and more trampoline effect/power for explosive blows. In fact, everything you need to give you every advantage to decide the match before your opponent. 

Duora technologies

Duos is usually something you see in smartphones, but now Yonex has also launched it in the badminton world and in your great Duora badminton rackets. The whole of their Duora series comes with a Dual Frame (double frame) technology, which means that each side has its own unique feature, namely a front and back hand.

The two different frames are put together and made from 2 different materials. The front has a Box Frame, especially designed for front hand strokes, as it is made of a material called Nanometric DR, the first new-found material in Nanoalloy technology, and also a patent material from Toray Industries. The other side (the back hand side), which is an aerial frame, is made with Ni-Ti fibres, which significantly improves your back hand and gives you more speed. The built-in Nanometric material reduces the use of carbon in Yonex Duora badminton rackets, making them significantly easier to play with without compromising on quality.

When compared to other badminton rackets, Yonex has found that you actually get about 30 km/h more power per serve as a practiced badminton player if you play with their Yonex Duora series. Try it out for yourself! 

Find a huge selection of badminton rackets from the Yonex Duora series at The Badminton Shop. We have Duora rackets for all levels, so whether you are a beginner, exercise player or tournament player, we have a Yonex racket for you! Many of the world's biggest stars play with a Yonex Duora racket, will you be the next?

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