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RSL Diamond X Badminton racket

The Diamond X series is a stylish and unique series featuring great designs - including eye-catching rackets made in all one colour!

If you need help choosing the right RSL Diamond X racket, contact our badminton experts. 

RSL Diamond X racket series

The Diamond X series from RSL features some really cool designs. There are lots of different types of rackets in this series and they are aimed at a wide range of badminton players. This means you’re sure to find your favourite among all these great models! 

What technologies and materials do these RSL badminton rackets use?

In rackets from all brands, of course, there are specific technologies and materials that apply, as is the case with the RSL Diamond X badminton rackets series. These are the most notable:

Oval Taper Shaft: A technology that has been carefully developed at the factory in Hong Kong. In RSL Diamond X rackets, you get Oval Taper Shaft technology, which, along with the "old" Taper Shaft technology, provides lots of benefits. This means that all the power from your shot is led forward and not in different directions. As a result, the racket provides more power, but also returns to its natural stability faster, so you as a player are ready for the next shot. 

Diamond Pulse X Techonology: This technology gives you an oversized head, increasing the sweet spot by 8%! This means that even if you hit the shuttlecock slightly wrong, you still get good, controlled strokes. 

Super High Modulus Carbon: Some of the finest carbon on the market makes your RSL X Diamond incredibly strong and durable, so you can use it for many years to come. 

Razer Thin Technology: One of the thinnest frame profiles on the market is available in these Diamond models. This gives you as a player the advantage of faster racket guiding, more power and faster reactions, so that even in the crucial 3 sets you are ready and able to play with speed and stability. 

Buy an RSL badminton racket from the Diamond X series here at The Badminton Shop

The Badminton Shop has a huge selection of Diamond X badminton rackets and they are super cheap or on special offer. You can get lots of rackets for your money at RSL, so all you have to do is find your favourites!

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