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ZERV Coti Badminton Racket

This ZERV Coti series is for those of you looking for an all-round badminton racket that can do a bit of everything.

You get good power, good control and lots of precision with these rackets - try it yourself! Value for money. 
  • ZERV Coti 20S 2.0
    RRP: 220,00
     In stock

ZERV Coti racket - Viktor Axelsen's favourite

Yes, you read it right. Viktor Axelsen started his career with a ZERV badminton racket, and it was one from the series ZERV Coti. Here you get the perfect mix of everything. 

With an all-round and cheap badminton racket, you get good shuttlecock control and you can play for many hours without injuring your arm. The prices are fantastic, and you also get crazy competitive prices when you buy 2 or 3 of the same model. So if one breaks, you can simply pull the exact same model out of your bag, and then there are no excuses not to win. 

In addition, they all come with professional stringing, so they are 100% ready from the get go. This is The Badminton Shop's own brand, so we can make the prices even more competitive for you as a customer, without compromising on quality. We have many years of badminton experience ourselves and have thoroughly tested the rackets, so we know what they stand for. 

Technologies & Materials

Hot Melt: This is a fairly advanced technology, which is constructed at 250 degrees heat. What happens is that under such extreme heat the material releases resin, and can therefore be shaped with carbon fibres. This makes the carbon fibres significantly stronger, giving you a ZERV Coti badminton racket, which has increased stiffness and strength. In fact, it’s 30% stronger than other brands! This ultimately increases the power and control of your strokes, which is why this technology is so important and included in this series. 

Woven: The woven technology is mostly used in the aerospace industry, but has also gained a foothold in the badminton world. It is a technology that sits in the T-joint of the racket to give this and the whole racket even more stability. With this material built in, you get a significantly stronger badminton racket from the ZERV Coti series as these Woven fibres actually increase the strength by up to 20%. What’s more, your strings last 15% longer due to the stronger frame and since the weight is also reduced by 10% you get even faster racket control without compromising on power. 

Fan Shaped Aerodynamic: This technology helps make your new racket significantly faster by reducing wind resistance with a very special frame design called Fan Shaped Aerodynamic. 

Isodynamic: This is a head shape that gives the racket a more isometric head. This gives you an up to 32% larger sweet spot compared to the normal oval main frame shapes. This gives you great control and precision, even if don’t you hit the shuttlecock quite right. 

Ultra High Modulus Graphite: We have added this unique graphite material to our top rackets from the ZERV Coti series. It is a significantly stronger material than the graphite forms you normally see, and with this Ultra High Modulus Graphite the rackets vibrate less and you get more power in your punches. It is one of the finest graphite available and helps give your strokes even more precision and power!

Titanium: Titanium is a very rigid and lightweight material used in this Coti series. This is actually why we call it Coti, since Ti stands for Titanium. The combination of titanium and graphite increases the lifetime of the racket as well as increasing shuttlecock control. 

Air Flow Frame: As the name indicates, a ZERV racket with an Air Flow Frame is a much faster badminton racket, which gives you faster play. In addition, the Air Flow Frame is also included in the T-joint, so this is reinforced and makes the racket more stable, allowing you to shoot the shuttlecock exactly where you want it. 

Buy your next all-round badminton racket from the ZERV Coti series here at The Badminton Shop

These rackets are made in Taiwan, which means they are produced using excellent materials. You can therefore be sure to get a fantastic racket from ZERV no matter which model you choose. 

If you want an all-round and cheap badminton racket that can do a bit of everything, try a ZERV Coti - you won't be disappointed. 

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