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The story behind The Badminton Shop

It all started in a room in eastern Denmark…

2003 – launches

The Badminton Shop can trace its roots back to 2003, when it was first founded and had a few different owners. It was run solely as a hobby for the first several years. The product range was limited to a single brand and it was all run from one room in eastern Denmark.

2010 – Torben van den Brekel Kulmbak takes over The Badminton Shop

In 2010, was bought by Torben van den Brekel Kulmbak and everything was relocated to Denmark’s Capital Region, where it was run from a 3rd floor apartment in Frederiksberg, Greater Copenhagen. Torben has a great passion for badminton as well as a fascination for past and current developments in the field of online commerce. Moreover, Torben himself has played badminton since he was a child, and has played at a high level as a senior, from playing in the Danish Badminton League to the Danish Series, primarily for Værløse Badminton Club. Torben’s more than 25 years of experience in badminton provide him with the expertise necessary to give the best possible advice to customers.
For the first year, The Badminton Shop was still a hobby project run as a sideline, but under Torben’s lead, The Badminton Shop grew larger and larger.

2012 – It’s getting serious…

By 2012, Torben already has so much wind in his sails that it’s time to take the first critical step. It’s time to make a decision on whether to make this a serious full-time venture or continue running it as a hobby. Torben decides to begin running The Badminton Shop full time and leaves his job in order to devote himself fully to the webshop. This turns out to be a wise move.

2013 – More space is needed

At this point, more brands arrive at The Badminton Shop along with more customers, which also means a need for more space. This leads to the first storage facility being hired, located in the same area in Denmark’s Capital Region.

2016 – Takeover of a racket sports store

In August 2016, The Badminton Shop takes over a racket sports store named Ketshop on the Danish island of Funen, thus becoming connected to a physical store as well as another webshop. The entire organisation is moved to the city of Odense, where the Ketshop store was already located. With two businesses under the same roof, development now takes off at a rapid pace. At the same time, Torben meets Ketshop’s store manager Mikkel Normann, who will later play an important role.

Mikkel and Torben quickly discover that they work very well together, and from 2016 – 2018 the business takes some significant leaps and more and more employees are taken on.

Mikkel Normann had been a Ketshop employee since 2008, where he started out by stringing rackets. His many years in the racket sports industry as well as his own interest in badminton have meant that Mikkel has real knowledge and expertise when it comes to providing advice and guidance to buyers of racket sports equipment. Mikkel still plays badminton in his free time, and continues to have a high level of interaction with many badminton clubs.

2018 – Mikkel Normann becomes partner at The Badminton Shop

Ketshop relocates to new premises and Mikkel Normann becomes partner!

2018 turns out to be a very eventful year, with several significant developments within the business. Mikkel Normann is made partner of the entire business, which now includes both The Badminton Shop and Ketshop, as well as The Tennis Shop, and together with Torben, they are able to take the whole business to the next level.

In addition, The Badminton Shop also moves to new premises, going from 150 to 600 square metres of space in order to keep up with the ever-growing business that has been built up over the years. 

2019 – Europe’s first test centre opens & is opened

On Saturday 7th September, we had the pleasure of opening our brand new test centre! It was a fantastic day with over 150 badminton enthusiasts coming through the store, as well as a visit from the former world champion Viktor Axelsen. He played a brief friendly match against Odense Badminton Club’s No.1 in men’s singles Steffen Rasmussen, in which the latter made off with a somewhat surprising victory :-) 

The court and the entire test centre were established in close cooperation with RSL Europe, who sponsored the court, net and shuttlecocks. This means that customers are now able to drop in to our fantastic store in Odense and try out any badminton rackets before making a purchase, checking out our range of rackets from RSL, ZERV, Yonex, Victor or Forza first hand. This test centre makes it that much easier to find the perfect racket the first time around and avoid purchasing the wrong model. This has not been seen before in our home country of Denmark or elsewhere in Europe - but is unique opportunity naturally offered by The Badminton Shop!

Should you happen to visit Odense and have a chat with our badminton experts, they won’t shy away from challenging you to a couple of matches!

It was also in 2019 that The Badminton Shop began its venture into Europe, opening the Swedish With the same products and service, the first steps are taken towards becoming Europe’s leading badminton shop. & open 

In 2020, The Badminton Shop went a step further, first opening a German site, followed by one in English, allowing you to shop from all over Europe at, offering the same products, same fast delivery and the same great service we’re already known for in Denmark. So, wherever you and your badminton buddies are in Europe, you can all shop at Europe’s leading Badminton Shop!

Year 2021 - ZERV ApS receives investment in from a big TV-Show

ZERV participated in "The Lions Gate" in 2021, where they received an investment from the 2 lions Jesper Buch & Jan Lehrmann - Jesper Buch was one of the founders of Just Eat. Together with the 2 owners, Torben & Mikkel, they will now try to spread the knowledge of the brand ZERV even more, as well as expand all the other webshops to more European countries.

Denmark’s largest physical store! 

In November 2018, The Badminton Shop moved to new premises in its hometown of Odense, with Denmark’s largest physical badminton store at 180 square metres! Here, customers can get a feel for all of the badminton products and have a chat with our competent staff, all of whom are active in the world of racket sports.

The Badminton Shop’s trademark features 

The Badminton Shop is Europe’s leading badminton webshop!

We have become especially known for:

✅ A wide selection
✅ Great service
✅ Competent advice
✅ Fast delivery to all of Europe

The Badminton Shop is known for having a wide selection of products in different price ranges, and for always being the first to offer the latest products on the badminton market. 

When stocking the shop, we focus on great quality and functionality. The Badminton Shop therefore only sells products from the leading badminton brands.

The products are always purchased directly from the official suppliers, so you won’t find any parallel imports at our shop. In addition, we also focus on design and price. This means you will find plenty of fantastic products at great prices, whether you’re a beginner, play for exercise, or play competitively.

For us, part of providing great service means being accessible and offering competent advice. We are always only a phone call or email away, so don’t hesitate to call or write if you need help or advice regarding our products. With our more than 40 years’ combined experience in the world of badminton, we have a great deal of experience and knowledge about badminton equipment. We therefore feel highly qualified to provide advice as we ourselves are active badminton players. 

Great service also means fast delivery, and we always do our utmost to ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible. Today, the Badminton Shop employs 16 members of staff on both a full time and part time basis. 

We hope you find what you need, and if you require assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With sporting regards,

Torben van den Brekel Kulmbak & Mikkel Normann

Owners of The Badminton Shop

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