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Asics Men’s Badminton Shoes

All of the amazing Asics men’s badminton shoes are available at competitive prices!

Of course, one of the world's biggest shoe brands also make badminton shoes, which you can find here at The Badminton Shop. Check out the full selection and find your favourites. 

Badminton shoes from Asics 

Asics is a well-known brand that most of us have probably hear of. They have been making sports shoes since 1940 and originated in Japan. They are market leaders in running shoes, which are known for their good quality and great gel shock absorption! Asics produces indoor shoes that are used in many different sports, such as squash, handball, volleyball and many other sports, including badminton, where you have probably seen many of them on the badminton court.

Asics suits a wide variety of badminton players, appealing to a very wide audience. They are unmatched when it comes to fit and their gel shock absorption is a class of its own.

This makes them perhaps one of the best-selling badminton shoe brands, and many different types of players use them, from national team players to exercise players and junior players.

Asics Gel-Beyond

This is where Asics Gel-Beyond comes into the picture. This is one of the best-selling badminton shoes of all time, and here at The Badminton Shop we have Asics Gel Beyond in the latest colours each year. 

Asics badminton technologies

Asics is great at making running shoes, and are the market leaders with the best-selling running shoes in the world - Asics Kayano. Runners probably know this model. Asics has used the same technology in these shoes in their badminton shoes. 

Most people who have tried playing with Asics Gel Beyond or Asics Netburner Ballistic, which are Asics’ 2 best-selling models, will know how comfortable they are to wear. This is partly because Asics has created a midsole that is 1 millimeter thicker than its predecessor, to give the player using these badminton shoes extra shock absorption and bounce-back. This is to ensure comfort and to reduce fatigue for the badminton player wearing them.

In addition, Asics has chosen to insert a wedge in the mid-foot, which makes the shoes more stable and prevents unnecessary movement when playing badminton at high or semi-high levels. Asics has also added an extra strong heel cap, a type of mesh that locks the foot into the correct position in the shoe, preventing it from sliding around.

The Asics shoe is made more comfortable with SpEVA throughout the midsole, as well as their patented gel cushion in both the heel and forefoot to provide extra shock absorption in this badminton shoe.

If you’ve tried them, this is something you will recognise. Asics badminton shoes are known for the use of their RhynoSkin technology, which is an extra durable piece of leather placed on the inside of the forefoot, as this is the area most prone to wear. We’re probably all familiar with holes in the back of our badminton shoes after a challenging match.

So, to summarize, over the years, Asics has managed to create an optimal badminton shoe that is beautifully flexible and comfortable, while also having optimal shock absorption and the little extra things that just make them some of the best shoes for badminton.

Asics also makes models other than Beyond and Ballistic. For example, if you want a slightly flatter badminton shoe, Asics Blade could be a good alternative. These provide better contact with the floor and the feeling of quicker feet.

Cheap Asics badminton shoes on offer

At The Badminton Shop we always have a selection of many different models from Asics, so there is something for everyone! We also always have competitive prices on our Asics badminton shoes. We follow the current market prices so you can get really cool and cheap badminton shoes from Asics, and sometimes there are amazing offers on this particular brand. Here you have the opportunity to find a great deal.

See our full range of badminton shoes.
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