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Ashaway Badminton Equipment

Find cheap badminton strings from Ashaway here at The Badminton Shop.

Ashaway is the world's oldest and largest string producer and has been producing strings for all kinds of racket sports since 1824, when it all started with a fishing line developed by a captain on a fishing boat. 

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The story of Ashaway

Ashaway is known as one of the world's most traditional manufacturers of strings for all kinds of racket sports. They produce the highest quality strings for badminton, tennis, squash and racquetball. 
It all started in 1824, when Ashaway was founded by Captain Lester Crandall, who produced fishing lines. It was not until 1949 that they began to produce world-renowned strings for racket sports, and since 1949 they have been producing strings in the city of Ashaway north of New York.
It's all run by the CEO and 6th generation of the family-owned company Steve Crandall. 

Ashaway strings

Worldwide, Ashaway is best known for their high quality squash strings that provide unique playability. Squash, tennis and badminton strings are available, and Ashaway sponsors several of the country's best badminton players, as Ashaway delivers the best of the best. 

RSL Europe distributes Ashaway, which is why all of RSL's top rackets are made with Ashaway badminton strings that are strung by The Badminton Shop. This means that they are equipped with great badminton strings and ready for battle. Often badminton rackets only come factory strung, but here RSL and Ashaway work together to make sure you get great quality right from the start, which is what these rackets deserve. 

Ashaway provides a wide range of strings for the racket world, as well as fishing lines, and various types of products and materials for the textile industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the latest window frame technologies. In addition, braided Kevlar threads are also used in reinforcement and bulletproof vests. So you could say that Ashaway has come a long way, especially since its inception, when it was only fishing lines a captain developed. 

At The Badminton Shop you will find a wide selection of Ashaway’s badminton strings. These are the badminton strings that we string most in our physical store in Denmark, and they are of great quality at a really competitive price. 

Find your favourite Ashaway badminton string here at The Badminton Shop at competitive prices. 

Check out our large selection of badminton brands. 

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