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Adidas Badminton Racket

Find your next Adidas badminton racket here. We have a large selection at competitive prices! If you need advice, our badminton experts are ready to help. 
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Adidas - One of the world's largest sports brands

Adidas is a sports brand that almost every athlete knows. Many of us have a piece of adidas clothing or shoes at home. It a testament to the quality and brand that has been involved in the sports world from the very beginning.

Adidas are relatively new in badminton sports, but since they can take all the knowledge they have from other sports such as handball and football, they know exactly what qualities to look for.

This is also the case in their Adidas badminton rackets - you get amazing quality every time! They are good at finding new technologies and are responsible for all production themselves. 

Adidas badminton racket technologies & materials

Of course, Adidas rackets have different technologies depending on whether it is a cheap racket from Adidas or one of the expensive ones. 

For example, S.M.A.R.T. Carbon, which helps to optimize the frame profile of the rackets and allows you to play even better and with even more stability. 

There's also the Power Arc, which sits in the T-joint just between the head and the shaft of the racket. This piece is reinforced with Power Arc, achieving even more powerful and stable rackets.

Hex Wing helps stabilize the Adidas rackets, so when you hit the shuttlecock you get less impact in your arm and better control of your stroke.

The 3D Reflex Wing gives the frame a new shape, which actually tightens it a bit. This provides less vibration and better shuttlecock feel and playability. 

There are several different materials and technologies, and you can read about them on the specific products so that you know exactly what each racket stands for. 

Adidas rackets and the various series

Wucht: An Adidas Wucht racket gives you more power in your strokes. This is because the balance is against the head of the frame. If you are a tournament player, a head-heavy racket also gives you much more control. 

Uberschall: This Adidas series gives you plenty of speed in your game. An Adidas Uberschall badminton racket gives you the speed you need when playing defensively as well as in your flat game. 

Kalkül: Precision, precision, precision. Here you get an all-round Adidas Kalkül racket, which gives you plenty of control and precision in your strokes. 

Buy your next Adidas racket at The Badminton Shop!

At The Badminton Shop, you’re sure find your next racket from Adidas. It may be one on special offer, or just a cheap Adidas badminton racket, but you'll find it all right here.
We also have the latest models all available at the lowest prices. Happy shopping. 

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